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Dec 12, 2006 07:43 PM

Wasabi in downtown Mpls - good teppanyaki?

Has anyone been there?

I haven't heard anything about the food, other than from Dara's review. (


We've got 4 of us looking for Teppanyaki on New Year's Eve, and I'm wondering if this place has the right qualities. Otherwise we'd likely be headed to Ichiban.


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  1. I don't know about the Tappanyaki at Wasabi but we weren't that impressed with the sushi there. Seems like another style over substance sushi place.

    What about Saji Ya in St. Paul? I really like their sushi and it has a nice atmosphere.

    Personally I don't like Ichiban - the food is mediocre and last time I was there I was overwhelmed by the musty smell.

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      We considered Saji Ya, but we're looking to stay in Mpls that night. Plus the prices look much better at Wasabi.

      To what would you compare Wasabi's sushi? Where do you rate other local sushi spots like Fuji Ya, Nami and Origami in comparison to Wasabi?

    2. Hm, it's so hard to compare, there are just so many variables that go into my like or dislike of a sushi restaurant. In general the rolls on Wasabi's menu were very heavy and fried seafood oriented. We ordered one of the special rolls of the day and it came fried, covered in sweet sauce, and cut in pieces so huge there's no way you could eat them in one bite. The same description goes for one of the rolls we ordered off the menu (sorry - can't remember the name). We left stuffed and feeling kinda greasy and unpleasant, which is not what you expect after going out for sushi! We did get some nigiri so were able to taste the fish and it definitely wasn't of the quality of Midori's (my favorite sushi spot). It just didn't have that melt in your mouth feel that good fish does.

      I work about 2 blocks away from Wasabi and when we left I decided that I would probably go back for lunch w/ coworkers if they wanted but I don't think I'd choose to stop there for dinner. There are just too many other good sushi places around.

      If I were choosing between Ichiban and Wasabi I'd actually go for Wasabi, despite this review. It's a fun space and has all these creative drinks, which is good for NYE. Plus according to the CP article the tappanyaki is pretty cheap. We were also told that the sushi platters for 2, 4, etc. at Wasabi are an insane deal. The one for 2 can feed 4.

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      1. re: katebauer

        We rarely order the fried rolls, so we ought not run into your problem. It's no strip-mall sushi joint though, so it's definitely worth checking out first-hand.

        I was thinking we'd split the sushi/sashimi platter for 2 as well. With all of the extras you get with a hibachi dinner, just a few pieces of sushi should be plenty.

      2. The best thing I could say about Wasabi's sushi is that it is pretty decent for the price. You can get a lot better sushi elsewhere, but you'll also pay a lot more at those places. (The "cheapest sushi" nod goes to Sushi of Tokyo in Plymouth, but they have a MUCH more limited selection (


        The teppanyaki also looked a lot less expensive than other places (Ichiban downtown also does Teppanyaki, but for a lot more money)

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