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Dec 12, 2006 07:37 PM

Any good Sunday breakfast options in San Juan Capistrano or close by (N along 5 frwy).

Appreciate all replies. We are looking for non-buffet, a la carte menu. We are travelling from SJC to LA.


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  1. Ramos House Cafe has always been a favorite- it's a brunch where you pick off a set menu. Nice, quaint setting with well prepared food. However, the waits can be interminable and the prices keep inching up...

    1. For some down home diner food with a wide range of options, Mollie's Cafe.

      1. Thanks. I've been to Ramos and frankly the wiat was excrutiatingly long. We need something that won't take up as much time.

        Any comments on The Sundried Tomato Cafe?