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Dec 12, 2006 07:23 PM

Pestalozzi Place - STL

Does anyone have anything to say about Pestalozzi Place? I had a friend recently go and he said it was great. Any wonderful dishes that are a must?

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  1. I've been twice, and it's a terrific deal. The food is pretty simple and straightforward, and they have a small menu, but everything is well done. I had short ribs and polenta on my last visit, and I believe it was about $12. Also, drinkable bottles of wine for less than $20. The owner is also very friendly, and will likely stop by, which always makes me feel good. Our service was not too good on one visit.

    Patronize it, it didn't seem too busy last time, and I'd hate for it to go away!

    1. I just ate at Pestalozzi Place last night and was impressed. It was very inviting and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. The food was great and at a great value. When we were there, it was pretty full, so hopefully it will stick around for a while! I will definitely be back.

      1. Because of this posting I went for lunch the other day. We just ordered sandwiches,which is where the server steered us. they were good, but I wouldn't go so far out of my way for a lunch sandwich. I'd be just as happy at BreadCo. Everyone there, however, was very friendly. By everyone, I mean the staff, as the place was basically empty. The bar is small and cozy as is the room. I imagine it's a nice little place for dinner.

        1. I went there last night largely because I lived in that neighborhood for ten years. Basically, the owners took an old storefront and converted it to a small restaurant. It is in a residential neighborhood at Virginia and Pestalozzi.

          The place was fairly crowded. The place had a small menu and a large wine and drink list. The menu was interesting and relatively inexpensive with entrees from $9-15 and a sandwich list under $10.

          The food was good. I had to eat a light meal last night I had the stilton plate. Very good.

          I give the owners credit. They put a restaurant in a marginal beighborhood and may be able to pull it off. Most of the small neighborhood taverns in the area closed in the late '80s as the neighborhood declined.