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Dec 12, 2006 07:23 PM

Question about Dim Sum

Are they only served during weekends?
Or can you also do dim sum during the weekday?


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  1. They serve it on weekdays too. In Flushing it is sometimes cheaper on weekdays. If you are out there I would recommend East on Main Street and just go to the second floor. They sell dim sum there discounted and the dim sum is pretty good.
    If you are in Manhattan they got in at Jing Fong on Elizabeth Street for lunch. They also got a really old place that sells Dim Sum all day but you don't get as many selections at Mei Lai Way on Bayard Street between Mott and Elizabeth. You can also get a bigger variety of Dim Sum for take out at a restaurant on Pell Street between Mott and Bowery. Its a big restaurant that is red outside. If you where walking on Mott Street it is next to Danny Ng on the North side of Pell Street.
    They have many other joints that sell Dim Sum during the day for takeout or eating in. 6 Chatham Square has it too and they got some old dishes for eating you can order a la carte like the Silver Needle Noodles with 3 meats. The noodles are really chewey. They got pretty good roast pork buns here but with onions.

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      I tried that place next to Danny Ng. I didn't find it especially good.

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        I only go there for takeout dim sum. I think their Lotus leaf rice is one of the best. Not the one with chicken. Their beef bun, combination bun is not bad either. I don't recommend that place for dinner. Did you go for Dim Sum or dinner?

    2. A few restaurants only serve dim sum on weekends, being a function of the concentration of the local Chinese population. Places like the Chinatowns in New York and Flushing have a high volume of Chinese foot traffic on the streets all the time, and will serve dim sum everyday. My understanding is that some of the dim sum places in New Jersey only serve it on the weekends, since the local Chinese residents are out of the area and working on weekday afternoons.

      1. Gum Fong in Flushing all week long.

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          Do you know the times? From when until when?

        2. I'm a big fan of Gum Fong and Gala Manor in Flushing. I believe they both have dim sum everyday. They both have a huge selection of dishes and there are new ones everytime I go!

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            Excellent. Thanks!
            I failed to say that I was particularly thinking of Gum Fong and Gala Manor when I asked my question. Went to both on the weekends but never on a weekday.