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Dec 12, 2006 07:23 PM

SF East Bay retailers carrying 2005 Duboeuf beaujolais crus (not Villages or nouveau)?

I'm finding it difficult to locate any of the 2005 Duboeuf crus (Morgon, Julienas, Brouilly, etc. etc.) at retail in the Berkeley area. I contacted the U.S. distributor, and they pointed me to a market in San Diego. Thanks, but...

Any pointers in the Berkeley/Oakland area?

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  1. None that I know of . . .

    You might try BevMo, Cost Plus or something like that, but -- sorry.

    1. Have you tried Paul Marcus Wines in the Rockridge Market Hall? I'm just guessing, but they look like the sort of place that might carry Duboeuf beaujolais. They're small and have a decent seletion of reasonably priced European wine (Duboeuf's price range). I only took a quick peak in their store because they're next door to Enzo's Meat & Poultry.

      Anyhoo, they might be worth a call. Here's their web site: