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Excess Cheerios?

I have too much Cheerios. Anyone have any creative ways to crush up and use it up in baking? (already know of using them like rice crispy treats, trail mixes, etc)

I've heard of using the crumbs to make blondies with condensed milk... anyone else try this? results?

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  1. I'm just curious, but how does one have "too much Cheerios"??

    I only ask because I am a cereal junkie, and in my world there's never such a thing as too much Cheerios.


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      General mills had a promotion with free movie tickets on the box. I bought 10 boxes, and I'm all cereal-ed out after a season. =)

    2. I'll send my 2 1/2 year old daughter over. Problem solved. =)

      You could crush them up, freeze them and then use them as a binder in meatballs or meatloaf, etc.

      1. You can make rice krispy type treats with them.

        1. Breading for chicken cutlets and such? Mix in some dried herbs for a little kick.

          And is this suggestion totally weird? Get a Passover cookbook and grind up the cheerios and use them instead of matzoh flour.

          1. I just made this past weekend a bunch of Chex Party Mix, and baked it with Cheerio's and Chex in the mix.

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              Chex Mix, exactly what I was going to say. If you can't eat ten boxes worth of Chex Mix, send it to me, I am completely addicted. I always use Cheerios in CM, they hold the flavors very nicely. (By the way, I believe you can freeze it, although that would never happen in my house.)

              1. I have a recipe for rice-krispie-like treats made w/pnt butter and drizzled w/chocolate if you're interested.

                3 tablespoons butter
                6 cups miniature marshmallows (10.5 oz)
                1/2 cup smooth peanut butter or crunchy peanut butter (we prefer superchunky)
                5 cups Cheerios toasted oat cereal

                Grease a 13x9 pan.
                Melt butter.
                Add marshmallows, toss to coat with the margarine.
                You can do this on the stovetop or microwave on high for 1 1/2 minutes or until smooth when stirred.
                Stir in the peanut butter.
                Immediately add the cereal.
                Mix lightly until well coated.
                Using a greased spatula or wax paper (I put plastic baggies on my hands), press the mixture into the greased pan.
                Cool and cut into squares.

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                  Jane thanks for posting this! I saw this thread and was also puzzled how anyone could have leftover Cheerios LOL. This recipe is very appealing to me because I always have Cheerios on hand, but not Rice Krispies and sometimes, I get a hankering for a "Krispie" type treat. Thanks again!

                2. I crush them for pie/cheesecake crust.

                  I also bake them with cooking spray, garlic powder and herbs to make croutons.

                  Even better: toasted and stirred into ice cream.

                  1. What about stringing them, alternating with popcorn and cranberries, and using it as a garland for a mini holiday tree? Being a Chowhound, you could use a food-themed little tree.

                    1. yup. my thoughts exactly stringing them for the tree. Popcorn and cheerios with cranberries between the cheerios.

                      1. You can make them into rice crispie type treats. Martha Stewart has recipes using cheerios, fruit loops and other treats. I myself love fruity pebble rice crispie treats!

                        1. I like the garland idea. we used fruit loops one year, they were very festive looking. or try donating them to a local food bank. or girl scout troop.
                          I bet you could find or invent a great recipe for party mix.

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                            In case you don't know, General Mills now has "Fruity Cheerios", that are whole grain (of course) and made with real fruit juice instead of artificial stuff. They're even good plain.

                          2. Crush them up and use them to top casseroles. You could probably freeze them so they last longer.

                            1. i second the vote for artwork. Cheerios pictures -- great kid project for decorating the house for the holidays.

                              1. There is actually a Cheerios cookbook- check it out in a bookstore or maybe online, perhaps a library but not sure. It includes both food & crafts.

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                                  That is crazy! Okay, I love cheerios, I mean love them, honey nut, multi-grain, regular, they are one of my favorite cereals (I too am a cereal junkie)...but are they really tasty in anything else besides milk? They have a rather strange after taste sometimes, no?

                                  1. re: upstate girl

                                    I know what you are talking about and am often grossed out by the o.j. and cheerios burps that my kids sometimes get.

                                2. My Mom used to make a popcorn alternative using Cheerios. Simply get a large sautee pan and add 1 Tablespoon of canola oil. Once the pan is good & hot, pour Cheerios into the sautee pan until the bottom is covered. Toast cheerios until crisp and some will turn brown. Sprinkle with salt & serve. Yummy!

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                                    This is similar to the Hot Buttered O's I used to have as a kid. I would suggest using butter but I am a butter fiend so i'm a bit unbiased.

                                    a little garlic powder is tasty too.

                                  2. carmel corn? no how about carmel cheerios with a few mini marshmallows and a drizzle of dark chocolate...the possibilitie are endless!

                                    1. A good project for small kids this time of year is to make a bird feeder. Smear some pine cones with peanut butter, press in Cheerios to cover, and hang from trees outside. The birds love them and watching the birds feed with keep your kids and cats entertained.

                                      1. IF you have lots and lots of patience, do like jacques torres and make chocolate dipped cheerios....they'll vanish from your home in no time at all.

                                        1. You can make a low fat trail mix with them, add raisins, few nuts, etc. Since they are sweet you could use them in an apple brown betty.


                                          1. Thanx for all the replies, everyone. But, I was looking for -NOT- trail mixes, rice crispies, etc...

                                            Truly unusual and creative ideas.

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                                            1. I have used Cheerios in some of my cookies before. I have one recipe that originally called for corn flakes. I've used several kinds of cereals in it, including Cheerios.

                                              Also crushed & substituted for bread crumbs.

                                              And I love the birdfeeders. Great even for grownup kids. :)

                                              1. All these sound good.

                                                If you can't bear to go through all 10 boxes, not quite the Chowish solution, but I'm sure your local food pantry would be glad to take them. Supplies are always critically low during the holidays, and Cheerios are always welcome, especially for families with small children.

                                                Bonus: good karma! :-)

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                                                1. re: Covert Ops

                                                  I tried to give them away, but the boxes are not intact, so it will not be taken by anyone.