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Dec 12, 2006 07:07 PM

All hail Death of CHINA GRILL!

I was walking by Yonge and Finch the other day, and noticed China Grill disappeared overnight. Instead, they have a sign up for, drumroll....:

Buk Chang Dong Tofu!

I believe this is the same one as the one on Bloor Street. I thought China Grill was never going to close down. I'm happy that we have another option for Korean in North York K-town.

Anyone else know anything about this opening?

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  1. Nope but BCDT ia awesome.

    One of my favorite hidden gems in the GTA

    1. For so many years I was wondering about China Grill (I live literally across the street). My friend and I had an ongoing debate on how long they would last... they just didn't come across as being anywhere remotely close to authentic chinese food. And yet they were able to stay afloat for so many years (and they did have customers, but I never saw any asians in there other than the waitstaff). So we finally decided to check it out (you know, that curious attraction to something you know is wrong, like a big car accident) -- and then they fold! DOH!!

      Is Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu the orange-painted place on the south side of Bloor just east of Christie? Across El Asador tacos? If so, that would be fantastic. Best Soon Tofu in town, IMO.

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      1. re: yummy in my tummy

        Yep, thats the one. At least, I hope so...

        It's such a big place. I wonder if they are going to expand their menu or do something different from the one on Bloor?

      2. UPDATE: opening dec 15th