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New Years In Buenos Aires Agentina

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My wife and I are taking our honeymoon to Argentina and will be in BA for New Years. We were looking for a four star type place for a memorable meal. I have heard about Dora and Patagonia Sur but was wondering if anyone could recomend any other places as well. We will also be in Mendoza for a few days and I am interested in any places there. Thanks.

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  1. I highly recommend Sucre. It was our favorite meal in BA. It is a very modern, striking restaurant with a modern take on Argentinian food. The lamb was amazing.


    Congratulations on your marriage. What a great place for a honeymoon.

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      I'm going to have to completely disagree with big mamma. I just got back from a week in BA and Sucre was far and away our worst meal. The food was oddly flavored -- each dish seemed to have at least one too many ingredients that fought with everything else -- and one pasta dish was so salty that it was simply inedible. The room is pretty, but not any nicer than any number of places I regularly go to in NYC, it's a relatively expensive restaurant for BA, the service was perfunctory and disorganized and it's a really long cab ride from the center of the city. All in all, I'd strongly encourage you to pick somewhere else.

    2. I would check with them in advance, or anyone else you're thinking of for New Year's Eve. Many restaurants here are simply closed for the holiday - we don't have the same culture of restaurants offering special evening menus with champagne and celebrations and such. It's more of a time to give the employees time off to go out and celebrate in clubs with friends or at private parties.

      1. Tomo I, http://www.tomo1.com.ar/, one of the finest restaurants in Argentina, and with the current money exchange the price is going to be reasonable. It's a small place, don't forget to make reservations.

        Good luck, enjoy and say "hello" to all my people down there.



        1. Just returned from a trip to BA and Mendoza. . . and would highly recommend having lunch in Mendoza at Ruca Malen. It is a winery with spectacular views, and even more spectacular food! They only serve lunch, and you will definitely need a reservation. You can make a reservation when you get to Mendoza, but I would definitely not miss a meal there. There is also a great restaurant in Club Tapiz (hotel in Maipu). . . forget the name of the restaurant, but we really enjoyed having dinner there. So many great places in BA and Mendoza!

          1. Having spent one of my more disappointing New Years in BsAs a few years' back, here is some serious advice. Make sure you have a New Year's plan well in advance. It was an eerie sight to see almost every place shut down by about 9pm. The only places open were fixed-dinner places, and there weren't a lot of them, but they did look nice. Midnight on the streets was a DUD. Turns out that this is one of the few "World's Great Cities" that shuts down for NYE - you are either at home with friends/family, or in a pre-set restaurant. I don't have any specific NYE dinner recommendations (I'll be back in Chile for another NYE), but make sure you plan in advance - maybe your hotel can help. Don't worry, by 2am, everyone is out again, bars and clubs and cafes are open and full!

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              I'm sorry to hear that NYE was a bummer in BA. I'm planning a trip with my parents who are foodies and love good wine. I was thinking BA or Mendoza. AT this point, we could go anywhere in SA. I just want to share a memorable moment with them. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe a winery in Mendoza with an amazing dinner??

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                The problem is that new years in BA is much more similar to an American idea of Christmas eve... and Christmas eve is more of the party night. Or at least that's what we're told by our friend who has been living in BA for the last four years. Seems that there are some decent places open that night but a lot of the hip younger places (bar 6, bar uriarte etc) are closed.

            2. I just wanted to send a thank you to everyone who was able to share some ideas for the trip. They are much appreciated! I will get some feedback upon the return.

              Have a great holiday.

              1. In Buenos Aires, Patagonia Sur is amazing. The restaurant in the Malba Museum is also terrific, the food is great and the people watching is just as good. We also at at a couple of great spot in Palermo Soho, Cluny. I have to say that the food in Buenos Aires is very, very good, and it's not all steak.

                1. We also had planned to spend NYE in BA (1.5 years ago) and learned that everyone seems to go to Punta del Este Uruguay during this time. It's an easy ferry ride + bus ride (or flight) from BA but make sure to book a hotel room in advance as they can get ridiculously expensive at that time. The food's not great in Uruguay (not as good as Argentina) but it's definitely FUN!

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                    Really? I had some of the best food in uruguay in Montevideo and punta del este.and my impression was that it was better than in Argentina. It all depends on your luck sometimes I guess.

                  2. Bumping this up to see how your trip went and if anyone has new suggestions for NYE in BA. My husband I will be there for our anniversary and are staying in Palermo.

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                      I just spent a few days in BA on my EAT MY GLOBE trip and had quite a few meals

                      I ate at Sucre and, while it is certainly a scene, I wasn't wowed with it.

                      I was treated to a couple of meals by locals

                      1) La Brigada is one of the most well known places for its grilled meats. My host was one of the founders of the Slow Food movement in Argentina and he thinks it is the best in the city. Phenomenal wine list too

                      2) The Faena Bistro - is part of the Faena Hotel + Universe. I had supper there last night and it was, from what I can recall after much Malbec, excellent. Admittedly, I was dining with their PR person, but saw enough of other people's meals to think that Mariano Cid De la Paz ( a former chef with Ferran Adria) knows what he is about

                      3)I also tried La Dorita in Palermo which I liked, but seemed to be considered only middling by others with whom I discussed

                      4) I don't have pictures on the blog yet, but do not miss the helado at Chungo ( Rodriquez Pena at the cross with Las Heras) the mousse de limon was one of the best tastes I had in the whole city

                      Oh, and please excuse the mispell in the links it is correct on the blog. Written after too many of those excellent malbecs

                      hope this helps


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                        Thanks for your reply, Simon. I know BA is relatively quiet on NYE, so I'm trying to get some ideas in advance. Thanks!

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                        I will also potentially be in Buenos Aires on New Years, and am thinking about making plans. Any suggestions for restaurants that offer new years eave prix fixe?

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                          If you're in Mendoza wine regions, I second the Ruca Malen recommendation and would add Francis Melman 1889. Its a very fine dining spot next to the Escorihuela Gascón winery. While its expensive by AR standards, its exceptionally reasonable for US and UK visitors. In the city of Mendoza, lunch at the Mercado Central is fun and super cheap. The Park Hyatt has a swanky wine bar called Uva and I hear the restaurant is quite good too - though note that they have a dress code. Likewise, the security at the hotel is palpable. Lots of men in dark suits with ear pieces and walkie talkies. Its probably just due to the high end casino in the hotel, but it can be a bit unnerving.

                      3. El Dora is a good restaurant but a little outdated for my taste. Patagonia Sur is one of the best but a terrible idea to go at night to that neighbourhood, besides if you will have the chance to try Francis Mallman's food in his restaurante in Mendoza that is really great in a nicer setting. If you also want to party, the hip Faena Hotel and universe has a couple of options. Here the website if you want to explore :http://www.faenahotelanduniverse.com.
                        I like Sucre in general, not sure for NYE.

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                          Carraiz, what is the neighborhood of Patagonia Sur? What is the issue with it? Also, what is the neighborhood of Faena Hotel and universe?

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                            The neighborhood of Patagonia Sur is La Boca. The address is Rocha and Pedro de Mendoza, La Boca, telephone: 4303-5917. The neighborhood of Faena Hotel is Puerto Madero East. The address is: Martha Salotti 445, and the phone no. 4010 9000.

                        2. I will be in Buenos Aires for this Ney Year´s Eve 2012 and i don´t know yet for dinner, but heard about this huge party:

                          Another restaurant suggestion???