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Dec 12, 2006 06:56 PM

Papa Razzi in Concord? [moved from Boston board]

I'm getting dragged there for a business dinner tonight. From my one visit there, about ten years ago, all I remember is being distinctly unimpressed by some kind of bland red sauce dish.

Anything there that's actually worth ordering?

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  1. I was at the Copley one a while ago and had a great salad and eggplant pasta dish. Menu had interesting pastas, don't remember entrees.

    1. i actually like papa razzi! i usually get the gnocchi, which is really cheesy and delicious. if you have to go to a chain, you could definitely do a lot worse.

      1. I've been the Papa Razzi in Concord a few times. I wish I could remember what I ate there, but I can't. I guess it didn't make any impression on me whatsoever.

        Can't go wrong with a salad, I guess...if I were going, I'd probably make that my dinner...

        1. I like the gnocchi and arrabiata - both are pretty well done as is the amatriciana - for a chain it could be worse. If you don't want pasta their roast chicken and steak with spinach are both well prepared. I had the fish special there one night and was pleasantly surprised, however, I only tried this once.

          1. Broken record warning -- the bolognese is very good at Paparazzi. And the thin-crust pizzas are good. Last week I had a swordfish special that was delicious. You could do a lot worse.