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Papa Razzi in Concord? [moved from Boston board]

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I'm getting dragged there for a business dinner tonight. From my one visit there, about ten years ago, all I remember is being distinctly unimpressed by some kind of bland red sauce dish.

Anything there that's actually worth ordering?

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  1. I was at the Copley one a while ago and had a great salad and eggplant pasta dish. Menu had interesting pastas, don't remember entrees.

    1. i actually like papa razzi! i usually get the gnocchi, which is really cheesy and delicious. if you have to go to a chain, you could definitely do a lot worse.

      1. I've been the Papa Razzi in Concord a few times. I wish I could remember what I ate there, but I can't. I guess it didn't make any impression on me whatsoever.

        Can't go wrong with a salad, I guess...if I were going, I'd probably make that my dinner...

        1. I like the gnocchi and arrabiata - both are pretty well done as is the amatriciana - for a chain it could be worse. If you don't want pasta their roast chicken and steak with spinach are both well prepared. I had the fish special there one night and was pleasantly surprised, however, I only tried this once.

          1. Broken record warning -- the bolognese is very good at Paparazzi. And the thin-crust pizzas are good. Last week I had a swordfish special that was delicious. You could do a lot worse.

            1. OK, you are coming out to "the land of no decent resaurants", but, I think you will like it and it is the only chain I like. Their fish specials are consistently good, and I have never been disappointed actually with any of the pastas or pizzas I have had. Have fun.

              1. We went to the one at the Garden State Plaza (in NJ) last night and I had a surprisingly good penne alla arrabiata. Nice smokey taste from the browned slices of garlic and some subtle but very present heat.

                1. Thanks all for the tips. The food was better than I expected - excellent fried calamari (with slices of mild jalapeƱo mixed in!), and a pretty good "bolognese" - which I put in quotes because it bore little resemblance to a real bolognese, but was still a tasty tomato-based sauce with a lot of meat in it.

                  1. I went to one with a friend a few days ago and had a pleasant experience. One thing we both loved was the choice of reasonably-priced wine flights. Three 2-oz 'tastes' for about $8. They were very accommodating - I was able to order a half-portion of salad, and to substitute one type of pasta for another. My friend ordered a pasta dish that arrived overcooked, with watery sauce. Not only did they replace this with another choice, but the manager came over to apologize and later to make sure that the substitute dish was okay. I am sure I'll try them again.