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Dec 12, 2006 06:39 PM

Best Eats in West Valley (west of 405)

I'd like to hear from you chowhounds about the best places to eat in the West part of the SF Valley. I'm defining West as "west of the 405" but West of Reseda would be even better. I live in Woodland Hills, and we are stuck in a rut! Sure, I like fine restaurants, but I'm interested in the small neighborhood places or ethnic dives that serve great food, too.

For the record, our current favorites are:

Kushiyu (sushi & yakitori)
Carillos (Mexican)
Gorikee (California/Japanese)
Brandywine (old-fashioned Continental)
Brent's (deli)
The Habit (burgers (good place to go with our kids)

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  1. Boulevard Burger on Ventura accross from Fatburger is far superior IMO. They'll cook rare and their grilled onions are a good match. Dan's Super Subs on Ventura has pretty good subs. Cavaretti's Italian market/deli on Sherman Way has excellent sandwiches and is a pretty good little Italian market too. The Fire House has very good Greek food. Family run. German Cold Cuts International on Topanga is a fine German market with good sandwiches and a well-stocked deli case. The deeper you get into Canoga Park the better the little storefront Mexican places get.

    1. Woodlands Pure in Chatsworth
      Anarbagh (although service usually SUCKS!)
      Alexis Greek in Northridge
      Snapper Jon's for fish
      Bea's bakery (the deli is OK, too)
      Gelson's Deli/Salad bar
      Shiraz in Encino
      BJ's (beer only, the food is horrendous)

      1. I cannot employ the term 'best', but for satisfying and worthy consideration I'll add: Les Sister (Chatsworth) for soul/southern grub; and Dos Arbolitos (Northridge) for casual user-friendly sit-down mexican. Both work equally well for solo diners and families, and unless you're a piggy-piggy like me, you'll always bring home tasty leftovers...

        1. Roy's (Topanga & Victory) is a little more upscale, but very good food. We also like Fin's in Calabasas and I hear that the Native Cafe in Calabasas is also good. Le Frite on Ventura & Shoup is decent authentic French food. Hope that helps!

          1. I neglected to include Pat's Topanga Grill, just a short drive south on Topanga Canyon. Breakfast and lunch only, 7 days a week. Their burgers are quite good and huge. The Juan's Burrito is more than a meal and delicious. They have the best breakfast ham steaks I've found within a reasonable drive. Outdoor seating too (with heaters at this time of year). VERY dog friendly and kid friendly, but not intrusively so. Highly recommended.