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Dec 12, 2006 06:28 PM

Also trying to track down African restaurants & markets in Austin.

There used to be World Beat Cafe but the food there was okay. I am missing Ethiopian food in particular but am looking for food from the rest of the continent as well.

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  1. There's a woman who sells Ethopian food at the farmer's market downtown on Saturday mornings. It's sold cold, either in containers to take home and reheat or wrapped in injera. The flavors aren't as bold as they are in my favorite Ethiopian restaurants, and I don't think the food lends itself to being served cold. The menu choices are also very limited. But it's the only option I know of in Austin.

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    1. re: Brian Lindauer

      Thanks for the suggestion. I'm gonna bet that Ethiopian food is probably not at its finest when cold.

      Sounds like I am gonna have to start making it myself.

      1. re: Brian Lindauer

        They also sell her stuff at Whole Foods (at least the one up north) in the to-go food section (where you can find chicken salad sandwhiches and spring rolls). On occasion I buy one of the units and warm up the veggies in the microwave but the injera is lacking. Austin definitely needs a good African restaurant of some sort.

      2. I've never been to these, but have seen the postings in the Chronicle and other such places:

        Afia Cafe
        6929 Airport Blvd.

        T's Cafe
        15608 Springhill #102
        251-4432, 512/913-1095

        If you end up trying these... let us know what you think!