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Mar 16, 2005 01:33 PM

ISO Italian Cured Meats in SF

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looking for a good spot in the city to procure some good meats! =)

selection and quality are important factors.

thank you!

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  1. I like Molinari's in North Beach and Golden Gate Meats in the Ferry Building.

    (P.S. Wouldn't "Looking for" do just as well as "ISO" and bring in a larger audience for your quest?)

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    1. re: Paul H

      I too like Molinari's. Are you sure you mean Golden Gate Meats? I went there once and asked if they had prosciutto and they guy didn't even know what it was! However, Mastrelli's in the Ferry Building, owned by the same people as Molinari's, has a good selection. Lucca's Ravioli in the Mission at Valencia and 22nd also has a decent selection.

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        Mastrelli's has the charming, cramped feel of an old Italian deli, housed in an otherwise airy galleria-type market. If you're in the Ferry Building on a Saturday, Fatted Calf at the farmers' market has a small but excellent selection of cured meats (and great sausages).

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      Stonehouse Olive Oil on 24th & Sanchez in Noe Valley carries some of the Fatted Calf products.

      Also check out Lucca Ravioli on Valencia and 22nd. They have a nice selection, some of it local (including Molinari salumi) and some imported.

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      1. re: farmersdaughter

        I recognize that I'm responding to a post that's a year and a half old. But I just saw this post today and called Lucca to see if I could get Molinari salami there -- I live just a couple blocks away. Was told they did not carry this anymore.
        Ended up having to drive to Molinari's for the goods.

      2. North Beach restaurant cures its own prosciutto, and I think sells it retail. It is the best I've ever had.