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Dec 12, 2006 06:26 PM

Buying Seafood in K/W

Where is the best place to buy seafood in Kitchener/Waterloo area?

I went to Caudle's Catch in Kitchener to buy some oysters and other things, but when I asked the women when the oysters were harvested, she just shrugged her shoulders and said "I don't know, they come in every week."

When I seemed surprised by her comment, she then said "they are good for three weeks"!

We had a similar response to the girl behind the counter at Sobeys. At least this one was willing to touch the seafood -- unlike another time when I was there, the girl said there was certain items she would not touch.

We use to eat a lot of fish when we lived in Toronto, but since moving here, we noticed the quality was not very good. Anyone have suggestions as to which place offers up FRESH seafood?

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  1. I lived in Guelph some years ago and found it and K-W a wasteland for fresh seafood.Problem is demand is slight and few vendors seem willing make the drive to TO several times/week. Sobey's once was OK. There was also a Newf named Brian who ran good seafood shops in Guelph, then Kitchener. No idea if he's still around.There is a Newf community in Cambridge, so that might be worth exploring.That area's booming now and might support a good fish store or two.Sorry I can't help out with more

    1. I used to live in KW and the seafood offerings are brutal, indeed. Caudle's catch was sadly some of the best (!!!). I used to get my fish from one of the large East Asian groceries in Kitchener, I believe on King. I used to get them simply cleaned and they were pretty good. Someone once told me they used Sobey's fish for sushi...I tried not to look alarmed.

      1. Agreed, I usually drive to Toronto if I want fish for a special occasion. Otherwise I make do with what's around and I serve it cooked.

        1. After living in downtown Toronto, and before that, NYC., I find myself in a suberb with a craving for fresh fish and seafood.
          While Diana's is a 20 minute drive away, I frequently buy from the fish counter at Sobey's Dominion, Loblaws, or Costco.
          They all have standards of freshness, and sometimes the products are as good as Diana's. Costco seems to be consistently better, but the others can be OK when they have a special to promote, and a good supply of it. Last spring Sobey's had very good halibut steaks and fillets from B.C. for $8-$11/lb. Recenty all the chains, except Costco, have had great deals on King Crab.
          I would suggest reading the flyers on Friday and going to a store early on Saturday; then check the item for freshness, and try to develop a rapport with a counterperson who actually enjoys fresh seafood.
          If I had a counter server who would not touch some seafood items, I'd talk to the manager, and get him to do it!

          1. We lived in Guelph until this summer and let me just say it was paradise compared to Kingston or Peterborough where we now live (where your choices are limited to atlantic salmon, rainbow trout and don't forget sole or snapper). My preference for seafood was the Heartland Zehrs on Kortright. There is a lady (grey to white hair in her fifties?) that is really great. She can tell you exactly when things came in and if there is anything better in the back. Even the teenaged part-timers seemed to be generally informed.