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Dec 12, 2006 06:23 PM

Zen Palate-able?

Any recommendations for tasty food at Zen Palate? I'm not vegetarian or macrobiotic so the menu confuses me and I end up with vegetable dumplings or miso soup. TIA

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  1. Sesame medallions... very good. And my wife eats something with pecans and loves it. Good place overall. Never disappointing.

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    1. re: wunderbar

      Well, it definitely disappointed me the one time we tried it. Only one word, in my view, for the food at Zen Palate: horrible!!

    2. I'm with RGR on this one: Zen Palate isn't even on my list of options, and I live 2 blocks from the one on 9th Avenue. I think the quality is too iffy, and in general, the food is far too greasy.



      1. agree with both of you. I'm not vegeterian nor macrobiotic and I found the food at Zen Palate to be tasteless and rubbery. If I'm with a vegeterian I prefer to go to Josie's which is delicious IMHO.

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        1. re: foodie4life

          I agree that the food at Josie's is much better, but Zen Palate can be fun. I like Sesame Medallians and Sweet and Sour Sensation. The vegetable dumpling and curry (rice) noodle soups are good too.

        2. I have to agree that the food at Zen Palate is not good at all. The combinations I think are kind of gross. You should try Gobo instead on 6th ave near W. 8th street. Owned by the same family members but the food is much better. Love the salt and pepper mushroom dish.

          1. Try the veggie sandwich with yam fries, which is quite tasty. I also like the scallion pancake. Shredded Heaven is probably my favorite combo. As others have mentioned, Seasame Medallions are good too. Sweet and Sour Sensation is even better if you substitute garlic sauce. I also like the curry noodle soup.