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Dec 12, 2006 06:05 PM

9 days in NYC - where to eat

My boyfriend and I are going to be NYC from 12/24-1/03. We'll be staying in the village but seeing quite a few shows. I need delicious, fun, romantic restaurants. In LA we love restaurants like Mastros, Koi, Ago, Angelini Osteria, but we also like quiet, small romantic kinds of places. Any thoughts - and is Ye Waverly open or not?

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  1. I'd recommend Bar Pitti (cash only) on 6th Ave. for delicious Italian (pastas, sandwiches, etc.) lunch or dinner, Bellevitae just off 6th Ave. for wines, good Italian, Jarnac in the West Village for a romantic, cosy bistro meal or Le Gigot for a similar French meal. Ye Waverly is sort of open. I thought it was fine, not great. Les Deux Gamins is good for breakfast or lunch. If you want a weird experience, Shopsins is funky and different (on Carmine, open Wed - Sat, better for lunch). Agave on 7th Ave. South has fine southwestern food (margaritas, guacamole, shrimp tacos, etc.).

    1. Casa Mono - very small, intimate fantastic tapas
      Grammercy Tavern - a classic, best meal in NYC imo
      Pearl Oyster Bar - fantastic lobster rolls and clam chowder