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Dec 12, 2006 05:30 PM

Scottish Food in Toronto?

I know it may not be the most popular cuisine but it does exist! The only restaurant I have ever been to was in Ottawa and it was pretty good.

Any places in T.O.?

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  1. High Street Fish and Chips - they have haggis as well as great fish and chips, and they are a sweet old Scottish couple. Be warned, they close on Mondays and at 8.30 pm every night.

    55 Underhill Drive
    North York, ON M3A 2J8

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    1. re: js288uk

      There are countless fish and chip shops that claim to be Scottish so I hope that they've got it all. Irn Bru, proper bread and butter, mushy peas, pickled onions and beetroot. No ketchup and tartar sauce either. I want brown sauce and malt vinegar! And a snowball for dessert.

        1. re: badbhoy

          I think these reviews should answer your questions. The first one points out the place is frequented by British ex-pats which should verify authenticity :-)

          And here's the menu:

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            St. Andrews Fish and Chips Fits your bill badbhoy...haggis and chips, Mealie pudding and chips...heck you can even order a deep fried Mars bar for dessert. Also the But n' Ben scottish butcher is in the same plaza (in case you want to buy a homemade source for Robbie Burns Day party fixings)


            1. re: Finnegan

              Hey Finnegan,
              Your posting peaked my curiousity so we went last night to check out St Andrews. Deep fried goodness. Yum yum! We had the deep fried haggis (very good!) & deep fried black pudding (too dry) dinner with mushy peas (not mushy enough, some peas were still crunchy), a side order of deep fried mealie (again, very good) and deep fried haddock (good also) & chips. The deep fried mars bar was sweet & savoury in a deliciously evil way but the highlight was the deep fried easter creme egg, all that gooey goodness. I thought I was going to have a cardiac arrest skating afterwards, that's a lot of deep fried goodness to be carrying around in one round ;-) Thanks for the rec, I don't think I need to indulge again in so much deep fried goodness for quite some time!

              1. re: fickle


                St. Andrews Fish and Chips
                1589 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P2Y3, CA

          2. re: js288uk

            High Street absolutely --- yes badbhoy they have all of what you mentioned as well as some brilliant homemade pies.

          3. I have to admit that I don't think of mushy peas as being very Scottish... pickled eggs maybe?

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              I know mushy peas are more from the north of England but close enough. :) I think most Scottish chippies serve them a little different than their English counterparts.

              The key is using marrowfat peas. I've had some pretty offensive imitations that actually use green peas and white vinegar. Ewww!

              1. re: badbhoy

                do any of thses places do the beer batter snickers or mars bars? Tour boi

                1. re: Tour boi

                  Old York fish and chips has deep-fried Mars bars now.

            2. There is a Scottish bakery on Weston Rd. just south of Church St. in Weston. Meat pies, sausage rolls, haggis pie, Scotch pies etc. Sorry, don't remember the name, but it's on the east side in a little plaza.

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                The Scottish Bakery on Weston was a John Baird as the one in Eglinton Square was. The Weston is now closed but there is a scottish butcher named Allan's in the same plaza where you can get Scottish bread, sausage and the like

              2. There is Clarkson Scottish Bakery, really good pies, pasties, Irn Bru and everyting scottish..good prices too. It's behind the plaza with CIBC on Lakeshore and Clarkson Road North. Kinda hard to see but on the lower level.

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                1. re: MiniMom

                  The only thing Scottish "aboot" Clarkson Scottish Bakery is it's name. The owners aren't even from Scotland! For good fish & chips drive to "Thistle Fish & Chips" in Burlington - 3455 Fairview Street.

                2. I realise that this thread is a bit old, BUT... Scottish food in Toronto is rare, and having visited Scotland a number of times, I know how good the food can be. (yeah yeah yeah... can be terrible, as well). This I know: Mathew Sutherland, chef/co-owner of Fat Cat (Eglinton W) and Fat Cat Wine Bar (Roncesvalles) used to do a Robbie Burns dinner that was the best of Scots cuisine... smoked fish, venison, skirlie, even made his own (splendid) haggis.... My God, it was good. He's no longer doing it, but come the cooler seasons, if you phone in advance, he might be able to accomodate certain requests.