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Dec 12, 2006 05:22 PM

Is Sripraphai BYOB?

Going to Sripraphai tonight and have no idea what to expect (never even been to Woodside) First of it is BYOB and if so do regulars take advantage of this fact or will it see out of place if I bring some beer? Also I've done some research of past posts but I was wondering how they are with special requests. My boyfriend is allergic to cilantro- are they accomadating?

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  1. They have become totally non-byob. They have limited beer and wine choices but, at least last time there, they were very clear that outside beverages were discouraged. I think they were backing that up with a very high corkage fee.

    1. They've got Sapporo in bottles, a beer that works really well with that type of food.

      1. My last visit they seemed to have forgotten the no BYOB policy.

        1. Just wondering if anyone knows if they happen to have Plum wine since evidently there is no longer a BYOB policy.

          1. If your b.f. is allergic to cilantro, I would call the restaurant first and ask if cilantro is in all the curry pastes. cilantro root is a common ingredient in thai curry pastes, so you can't ask them to take it out of those dishes. it is also in many of the appetizer dishes, though you could probably ask them to leave it out of the salads.