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Dec 12, 2006 04:59 PM

The Tender Rib near the Verizon Center

There's a Holiday Party thang going on near the Verizon Center on F street between 7th and 8th and there's a little BBQ stand selling beef brisket, carolina BBQ, chicken, and ribs. The beef, chicken and BBQ sandwiches are $5 and the rib sandwich is $7. Ribs are not really my favorite - I tend to go for baby backs, but the brisket looks great and the chicken I had was pretty good.

I think it's there until the 20th.

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    1. re: MalinDC

      I think so, but I'll try to check it out tomorrow.

      1. re: MarkF

        Seems to be on weekends too. 12-7 until the 22nd. Sponsered by WAMU I believe.

    2. They are from Ft. Washington; have a trailer that sets up out in PG county. NC "chopped" bbq sandwich actually looked like pulled pork to me; sauce not mixed in, like it would be in eastern NC, but not bad for $5. Cole slaw is extra,though.