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Dec 12, 2006 04:50 PM

Backals yet, anybody?

If the former Heathcote Tavern has reopened as Backals, any reports out there?

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  1. going for sunday brunch, will report back.

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    1. re: chocolate chick

      Had family go there Sunday - another big thumbs down - your experience any better?

      1. re: wudz

        Okay, we went for brunch on Sunday. I was ready and prepared to hate it. I really thought the food was way above average. I had the Turkish breakfast with tahini/honey yogurt (amazing), hummus, perfectly poached eggs, and a cucumber/tomato salad. Everyone was very pleased with their brunch. Of the 6 adults, 4 (including me) are very picky and we all would look forward to eating there again. Clearly dinner is a horse of a different color. I'm a little hesitant to try it.

        BTW, I also thought the cosmetic changes to the decor were lovely.

    2. Heard just today from a friend -- unfortunately thumbs down in a big way.

      1. Soooo not worth the trip! It was outrageously expensive for what is it.I have no problem spending if the food is good. Additionally,I have never heard of a restaurant that doesn't have chicken on the menu! Makes you really miss Heathcote Tavern...

        1. OK, two way bad and one response to come. Looking forward to seeing the brunch review, and good luck to you.

          1. Had dinner there on Christmas eve. The food was better than prior posts would have led me to believe, although I would argue nothing stellar, but a solid "good." The beet and goat cheese salad was quite good, and two could have split one order. We ordered pizzas and side orders (mashed potatoes and green beans) for the kids, all of which were good. My wife ordered the grilled shrimp, which were very good, and I the branzino, which was a tad mushy but pretty flavorful. Portions were surpringly large, with each meal coming with a heaping side. Unfortunately the sides-- bok choy and spinach-- were a little soggy with too much garlic. Ambiance is nice, but the (plastic) chairs are a little uncomfortable. Our one complaint would be the service: a lot of waiters about but all pretty mediocre. Plates weren't removed, water glasses weren't filled, there was no follow-up once the entrees arrived and cocktails ran dry. But the setting and food certainly nice enough for a return trip, assuming service issues can be resolved. All in all I was reasonably pleased, and would try it again.

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            1. re: slydog

              Any current update? Have they ironed out the kinks?