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Dec 12, 2006 04:45 PM

Reasonable Stonecrabs??

Besides Joes on South Beach does anyone have suggestions where to get good stone crabs for a reasonable price in a restaurant. (I know they are pricey) in Miami? Does not have to be South Beach area. Thank You

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  1. trying Monty's (I think that the name) i think the are more resaonble.

    1. Captain Jim's, but that's in Miami Shores/North Miami.

      1. THere is a restaurant .OLD FLA FISH HOUSE in Wilton Manors ( Ft Lauderdale) that has a stone crab dinner-$32.99 pp- we went 2 weeks ago and the stone crabs were terrific..come cracked like Joes only way cheaper....

        Meal comes with a terrific salad and veg and potatoe-- I would opt for the baked potato and one of the veggies that are NOT fried, as the fried veggies were greasy.

        For the money , you can't beat this....It is not the ambience of Joe's or Monty's , but the food is still good.

        1. I second Captain Jim's in North Miami. Fresh and as inexpensive as you'll find. A must for all seafood lovers.

          1. Garcia's om the Miami River is a great place for low priced stoners