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Dec 12, 2006 04:44 PM

Best High Tea in City for Holidays?

I would like to take my husband for a romantic, high end high tea for the holidays. Does anyone have any preferences as to which is best? thanks!

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  1. My mom LOVES high tea, so I have been to high tea at the Four Seasons and the Drake. Both are lovely, but the Four Seasons is a cozier, more romantic environment.

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    1. re: SuzMiCo

      thanks! does she like it better than the Peninsula? I love it, but recently did it for work, too so wanted soemwhere jsut as pretty. Do they have carolers? any live music?

      1. re: ljero

        We haven't been to the Peninsula, although I've heard it's very good too.

        The Four Seasons has live piano, but no carolers (which is a plus in my book).

    2. I live in Chicago and I highly recommend the Drake for High Tea. It is grand, open, and purely Christmas! They have a harpest and thousands of Christmas decorations. Don't forget the Four Seasons for the best Sunday brunch in the City. (reserve early though - they fill up fast.)

      1. Just a point of clarification: Neither the Four Seasons nor the Drake serve a "High Tea." They serve an "Afternoon Tea," a different thing altogether. See the following:

        1. Thank you, jbw. I was wondering whether to say anything but now that you have started the ball rolling: Americans think that "high tea" means "tea with a high degree of formality" or something like that. It's just the opposite. High tea is an early supper; it originated when miners and factory workers came dragging home hungry after their shift. High tea is defined as "a tea that includes meat or egg". I once saw a sign outside a department store in England: "Late Opening Day Special---High Tea. Fried egg, fried bread, fried fish, fried sausage, and beans, L2". High tea is not an elegant occasion, but it's a convenient meal if you're going out, say, to the theater. Just add a quiche to an afternoon tea of sandwiches and cakes.

          1. Last year, I went to both the teas at the Drake and the Pennisula. I was very disappointed with the Drake. They were rushing people in and out. The edibles were a bit dry and uninspired. So I would pass on it this year.

            The Pennisula on the other hand was more low key. The food was lovely and we were able to take our time and enjoy ourselves.

            The Ritz Carlton was also lovely. The atrium on snowy days is quite a sight!