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Dec 12, 2006 03:55 PM

Large group in Atlanta

Will be joining my daughters basketball team (along with about 15 parents)for a trip to Atlanta for a tournament from Dec 26th to Dec 30th. We are looking several places to have team dinners (about 30 people). Trying to keep the cost reasonable and teenage food tastes in mind are there any places you would recommend?? Thanks

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  1. How about Cracker Barrel. They may have an Atlanta location. Pizza Hut maybe. Just a thought. Good luck to the team!

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      At first I kind of blew the Pizza Hut recommendation off... then I read this charming story from about this very situation.

    2. Where in Atlanta will you be? I would imagine you want to minimize the driving...

      1. The best place in Atlanta for your team is the Varsity. They have hotdogs, slawdogs, bbq, excellent onion rings, excellent fried peach pie, milkshakes, and just about anything any teen would want. They also take VISA! The Varsity is downtown across from Ga. Tech. The Varsity is an Atlanta landmark, and it's the largest drive-in in the world. GOOGle for pictures of the Varsity. The Varsity is big enough for your group.

        1. Sorry...should have said that we will be staying at the Crowne Plaza/Ravinia (they said it is at Perimeter Mall). Thanks again for all of your help!

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            Perimeter is a good trek north of downtown Atlanta. The Varsity is most certainly downtown, so unless you travel downtown for the tournament, you're going to be too far away to get to the Varsity. Well, too far away for a comfortable drive to dinner in an unfamiliar city, anyway. You're about 10-12 miles north of the city, and while it's not terribly far (it's all highway miles) rush hour traffic will most certainly be a factor, so plan accordingly for any trip you happen to take.

            You're in a very busy area. You're actually in Dunwoody or to some extent, Sandy Springs. There are LOTS of restaurants around your hotel area. So my suggestion is just, heck, walk out of the hotel and there will be PLENTY to choose from.

          2. There's always the food court at the mall. In the aiming-to-please-everyone category, you could hit the Fellini's on Roswell Rd near Wieuca for pizza or Roasters on Roswell at Johnson Ferry for chicken/veggies/etc. With that big of a group, the Varsity isn't a bad choice, but you can't eat there every night. If folks would do Chinese, some of the bigger places could accommodate that big of a crowd without imploding- I'm thinking Hong Kong Harbour, Pung Mie, maybe China Cooks or Canton Cooks. There are probably others, but they aren't jumping to mind.

            I'd probably call ahead wherever you go. Good luck.