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Dec 12, 2006 03:28 PM

Looking for best pizza [moved from Manhattan]

My family and I are coming to NYC this weekend, and my son wants some authentic NY pizza. We're staying near Rockefeller Center. I heard about Two Boots in Grand Central, but heard it wasn't "authentic". Any suggestions? My daughter is also looking for the best cheesecake (and I'll be happy with both or either). We are on a bit of a budget, but I don't think pizza should break the bank). Thanks for any info!

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  1. Personally, I'd skip Two Boots.

    If you want a sit-down pizzeria, your best bet is probably John's on 44th street, just east of 8th ave.

    If you just want to pick up a slice, there used to be a good slice joint on 47th just east of 6th ave. My memory is alittle hazy because i haven't been in a few years since my office moved but I think it was the first pizzeria off of 6th Ave. its gets confusing because there was a another storefront a few doors further towards 5th that was terrible. I hope its still open or someone can point you in the right direction.

    1. johns is right but the bleeker street location is the original

      1. juniors just opened up a location in times square so that'll be good for cheese cake.
        Totonnos on the Upper East Side is great, as is John's

        1. Others may disagree, but for real NY pizza, you want a slice from a local place - none of the gourmet stuff you'll see on other lists - you shouldn't end up paying more than $2 or so for a plain slice. I work not far from Rockefeller Center and really like a place called Little Italy on 45th between 5th and 6th, closer to 6th, on the north side of the street. It is pretty non-descript from the outside but has great slices, is clean, and you can sit down fairly easily if you want.

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            yep, I agree. there is a place called Ultimate Pizza around 57th and 1st that has really good slices as well.

            401 E 57th St, New York 10022
            At 1st Ave
            Phone: 212-319-9027

            Definitely Juniors for cheesecake. There is a Juniors in the food court at Grand Central as well as the crazed-Times Square location. (not that Grand Central will be any less crazed!)

            Have fun!

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              Junior's still makes a good cheesecake (although my favorite is S&S, but that's up in the Bronx), and the Times Square location should be convenient for you.

              My one piece of advice is to avoid the gloppy overly sweet fruity toppings and stick to the classic plain cheesecake or my personal favorite, the marble (which mixes in chocolate).

          2. Right "authentic" NY pizza is a slice. I like John and Tony's on 1st Ave and 60th Street

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              I used to until I tried Ultimate