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Dec 12, 2006 03:27 PM

Seville Oranges (or substitute)??

Does anyone know where I can get Seville Oranges? I have a Seville Marmalade recipe that I am itching to try, but have not had any luck in locating them. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Aren't Seville oranges the same as navel oranges?

    1. nope, different fruit entirely. it's a bitter orange, like a bigarade (C. aurantium, if you care). i don't know anyone who grows them. best bet would be polito at the santa monica market.

      1. From Gourmet magazine:

        Rising C Ranches sells California-grown Seville oranges for $2 a pound plus shipping (559-637-9546;

        The Polito Farms suggestion is also a good one -- I'd bet they know.

        If none of those options work, you could always get the Ma Made brand of prepared (canned) Seville oranges and make marmalade of that (add your own sugar and water).

        1. As a Canadian, perhaps I can offer a bit of not very useful info. The best seville or marmalade oranges for decades have come from Phoenix where, as I understand it, they were picked from decorative wild orange trees along the city's boulevards. The joke was that only Canadians (with Scottish and British heritage) were foolish enough to pay good money for ugly, warty and inedible fruit. For years, as a columnist for The Toronto Star, I published annually my wife, Ayesha's recipe for orange marmalade. It was always a hit. Last year the Arizona oranges were pathetic - dry and small. Then, just when we'd given up hope and made do with them, the most fabulous marmalade oranges we've ever seen arrived from - wouldn't you know it - California. We're living in hopes they'll come again this January. Does anyone know where they come from?

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            My favorite marmalade comes from Corti Brothers - easy to mail order - which is made from the produce of Sacramento street trees. It is amazingly good, and vintage-dated. I am currently enjoying the 1997.

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              Hi does anyone have the recipe for Ayesha's Orange Marmalade that was published in the Toronto Star ?

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                check the recipe section. or maybe the toronto board.

            2. I was in Seville yesterday!! Kept making jokes about leaving Orange County and coming to Orange World.

              Wish I could have brought some back for you!