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Seville Oranges (or substitute)??

Does anyone know where I can get Seville Oranges? I have a Seville Marmalade recipe that I am itching to try, but have not had any luck in locating them. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Aren't Seville oranges the same as navel oranges?

    1. nope, different fruit entirely. it's a bitter orange, like a bigarade (C. aurantium, if you care). i don't know anyone who grows them. best bet would be polito at the santa monica market.

      1. From Gourmet magazine:

        Rising C Ranches sells California-grown Seville oranges for $2 a pound plus shipping (559-637-9546; ripetoyou.com).

        The Polito Farms suggestion is also a good one -- I'd bet they know.

        If none of those options work, you could always get the Ma Made brand of prepared (canned) Seville oranges and make marmalade of that (add your own sugar and water).

        1. As a Canadian, perhaps I can offer a bit of not very useful info. The best seville or marmalade oranges for decades have come from Phoenix where, as I understand it, they were picked from decorative wild orange trees along the city's boulevards. The joke was that only Canadians (with Scottish and British heritage) were foolish enough to pay good money for ugly, warty and inedible fruit. For years, as a columnist for The Toronto Star, I published annually my wife, Ayesha's recipe for orange marmalade. It was always a hit. Last year the Arizona oranges were pathetic - dry and small. Then, just when we'd given up hope and made do with them, the most fabulous marmalade oranges we've ever seen arrived from - wouldn't you know it - California. We're living in hopes they'll come again this January. Does anyone know where they come from?

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            My favorite marmalade comes from Corti Brothers - easy to mail order - which is made from the produce of Sacramento street trees. It is amazingly good, and vintage-dated. I am currently enjoying the 1997.

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              Hi does anyone have the recipe for Ayesha's Orange Marmalade that was published in the Toronto Star ?

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                check the recipe section. or maybe the toronto board.

            2. I was in Seville yesterday!! Kept making jokes about leaving Orange County and coming to Orange World.

              Wish I could have brought some back for you!

              1. ok
                you take your chances
                the l a arborteum has a huge hedge of chinotto oranges loaded with fruit in season. go quietly. look around and swipe a few

                you didn't hear it here.

                1. seeing above, there are also seville oranges used in landscaping at Scripps College.

                  1. We are once again looking for Seville Oranges to make Marmalade. Does anyone know of new sources to mail order bitter oranges?



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                      one of the citrus growers from north san diego county at the wednesday farmers market has had them in the past.

                      please let us know if you can and check to find out when the growing season is. I think they fruit in the late spring and summer.
                      (again - you can always go to the chinotto grove - a hedge - at the la arboretum, take a purse [easier if you're a lady] and pick a bunch when no one's looking. I won't tell - the chinotto grove is near the bamboo forest)

                      see above for the lesser help given a while back.

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                        Rising C (ripetoyou.com) is still around; I got a case of Sevilles from them this year & am working my way through them. Best I've found online.

                      2. I wish I could remember where I saw the Mamade Seville Orange Marmalade mix locally, I want to say it was at Bristol Farms but can't be certain since of course at the time I was like, oh make a note that these guys carry it and of course now I can't remember who it was. I haven't made it in years but when I did I got it at Williams Sonoma and it was always perfect, easy to make and a welcomed gift!

                        Anyway, you can find it currently at The Vermont Country Store

                        Sometimes Amazon carries it but I just checked and they are out of it. You might also try the British tea room on 2nd Street in Santa Monica, they stock British items. As another note the Mamade folks make both a thick cut or thin cut Seville Orange marmalade mix as well as a Lemon marmalade mix. All very good and high quality! Good luck!


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                          Vermont Country website states that item is no longer available!

                        2. moon ranch at the wednesday farmers market in santa monica has them.

                          1. El Mexicano bottles 'pure' sour orange juice, but it's Extremely hard to find.

                            There are many other topics about substitutes, and I like the one most suggested:
                            - one grapefruit
                            - one sweet orange
                            - one lime (optional for me)

                            1. Does anyone know of the farm in (is it Upland)? That is called Wildowere or something with a W in the name, they import olives too, make lots of private label marmalades. I am trying to come up w ideas for a group that gleans excess fruit here, to be able to can or jar the persimmons, oranges, etc for sale.

                              1. Found the company in Sierra Madre, Waldo Ward. They've been around since the turn of the century making marmalade from imported Seville trees! http://www.waldoward.com/

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                                  WOW! This post is a blast from my past! Yes. E Waldo Ward is fantastic! Actually, they have a couple of the original Sour Orange trees and they let me pick some a couple of years ago. Also, my mom's friend just showed me the Bitter Orange that comes in a bottle. It was a popular brand of ethnic items - Mojo or something?? I can see it in my mind's eye, but the only letter I can see is an M!

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                                    There are many commercial brands of 'mojo' which is just a marinade (not pure OJ). Quality varies from mediocre to truly vile so I don't buy them. See above post for substitute.
                                    You would think that due to the growing interest in Latino cooking, especially wth Yucatecan ingredients like habanero chile and achiote, that Seville oranges and their juice would be more available locally.
                                    I was thinking of emailing the EWW folks to see if they would sell me some bottled bitter orange juice, might be worth the drive.

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                                      Yeah. Actually, hers was the straight bitter orange. Not the marinade (I remember seeing that on the bottle). The brand started with an "M" and I am pretty sure it had 4 letters total. She marinated a pork roast in it and cooked it for dinner last Saturday - it was really good.
                                      You could ask them...they really are lovely people. Once they let me loiter on their grounds when my car battery died out front and I waited for AAA. I count myself as lucky since I live 5 minutes from EWW.

                                  2. One of the farmers at the Wednesday Santa Monica market says he has them but never brings them unless someone asks him ahead of time. He said his are already orange & should be ripe fairly soon.

                                    I was curious, though.... where I work (a university in the Pasadena area) there are some oranges that I know from personal experience taste pretty bitter / sour. How could I determine if they're Sevilles or just bad-tasting oranges (they are not the kind with the super bumpy appearance for sure). Given the reports of Sevilles at Scripps College and at the LA Arboretum, it seems reasonable that these might also be Sevilles, but I don't have any previous experience with them to tell (from tasting) if that's what they are.

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                                      The ones I've gotten from growers in California & once in Florida were quite thick- & tough-skinned, not too bumpy, VERY seedy, & definitely bitter-tasting (not just un-sweet). If you scratch the peel with your fingernail, they give off a wonderful orange scent that is ... well, if regular navel oranges are lager, these guys are Guinness, much more complex. They do have juice but not as much as a regular orange, & the membrane around the segments is a bit thicker (not as thick as a pomelo's, but more than a sweet orange's). Some of the ones I've gotten had a greenish cast to them (no difference in flavor). Do you have a botany department at your university?

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                                        Look at the orange tree in the Herb Garden at the Huntington. Those are Seville oranges.

                                      2. I had the same problem last year when trying to create my British aunt's Seville orange marmalade recipe. She suggested using mixed citrus; the recipe called for 3 lbs. of fruit and I used: 1 med. sized grapefruit, 1 lemon, 1 lime, and 2 oranges. The recipe also called for boiling the fruits whole until soft and cutting them up, so I think the fact that the pith is not removed helps add to the bitterness (but that is just my theory). I have to say that the flavor of the marmalade was just as good as my memory of her marmalade...

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                                          just fyi, the guys from Valley Center, in san diego county, at the Santa Monica Farmers market had some seville oranges this week. Just ask them - they may have a few in the truck.

                                        2. Jordan Market in Westwood.

                                          Jordan Market
                                          1449 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

                                          1. This will break your heart; my neighbour had a seville orange tree here in Long Beach and every year I would harvest some of them that were growing on boughs that were on my side of the fence to make marmalade. When they sold the house the new owners cut the tree down because the fruit was bitter !!! So I planted a Valencia orange and a Meyer lemon tree. I use 6 oranges to the juice of 1 lemon and it is a good substitute for the sevilles

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                                              WOW! If only they knew how much money they could make from people like us that have been searching for Sevilles! Thank you for the substitutions. I will have to try it.

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                                                interesting. but why not plant a seville? the smell of the blossoms is bettern than either a valencia or a meyer and you can use them in any cake devised for lemon.

                                                Also, Polito at Santa Monica Wednesday Farmers Market has them. if you get there early.

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                                                  If you go online to orange tree seedlings then select wikipaedia, you will appreciate the difficulty in growing a seville from seed....I did try, with no success and seedlings seem to be unavailable. However, my marmalade tastes great and I thick cut the peel for that crunch, much better than the british imports in my opinion. Thanks for the input.

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                                                    Pacific Tree Famrs in Chula Vista used to sell young trees in case anyone is interested. LOoking them up, i see they're out of business, but four winds appears to sell auruntium varieites, sevile, bouquet de fleurs, chinotto And bergamots.
                                                    no endorsement. just info.

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                                                        I just saw bottles of "bitter orange juice" at Walmart in Rosemead yesterday. It was next to a bottle of mojoj criollo. I think it might have been Goya brand

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                                                          Thanks for the tip. I'll check at the local Walmart in Long Beach and let you know

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                                                        "and bergamots" Thank you, you made my day!

                                                        1. re: bad nono

                                                          you're welcome
                                                          (note: you can "steal" these oranges... just a few- scripps college in claremont has a patio FULL of seville oranges. i bet you could take two if no one saw you... if they did, someone hacked this account).