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Craving Pad Thai for lunch...any good take out places in east midtown?

I searched the board but only found recommendations in the village, or places that are too far away to travel for lunch.

Am I missing some great Thai place in midtown east where I can get decent/good pad thai?



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  1. How far East are you? Yum Thai is pretty good on 44th btw. B'way and 6th.


    1. I'm by Madison Avenue, but this is within walking distance. Thanks!


      1. I agree with the Yum Thai recommendation. ifyou change your mind, re: pad thai, I'd suggest getting the Pad Kee Mao (aka Number 14).

        1. Ahh, so this place is still around. Cool. Back when I worked on 35th St. in 2001, I sometimes ventured up to Yum Thai for tasty lunches. It's Chinese-ified Thai, but yummy, good Chinese-ified Thai.

          Of course, it's not much compared to Sripraphai in Queens, but for lunch when you don't have time to get out to Queens or over to 9th Ave., it's a nifty option. Especially in that area, where aren't a ton of other good choices, besides Taam Tov and Bread & Olive and some of the carts.

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            I will admit I only went there once (about 3 months ago) and perhaps the more exotic items on the menu are the ones that I stayed away from and are considered to be "The best in the five boroughs," but I found Sripraphai to be extremely overrated (on Chowhound). Sure, it was good Thai food. But it really was not the second coming I had expected after reading all the raves here. Will have to go back and give it another whack.

            BTW, I work 2 blocks from Yum and am a regular (take-out) patron. The chicken basil, chicken with cashews, and chicken pad si ew are outstanding (for ANY Thai place, not just hole-in-the-wall take out) and stand up to anything I got at Sripraphai, but that's just me..

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              I feel the same way with Sripraphai...tried it over a year ago and wasn't particularly wowed by 1 single dish to give me enough reason to schlep to woodside for it again. There's a few places on 9th Ave. that serves just as good or even better dishes plus, shorter commute too.

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                I'm curious to know if you like Wondee Siam better (on the east side of 9th Ave. near 54th; not to be confused with Wondee Siam II). I think that's the best Thai food I've had in Manhattan, even better than Yum Thai, but it's been a few years since I've been to Wondee. It has even less ambience than Yum Thai, or it did back then. Wondee still gets some positive comments around here, so I gather it's as good as ever.

                There IS a minority of 'hounds who don't like Sripraphai, or feel it's overrated. Hey, the place is often very overcrowded, so if you don't go, that's less waiting time for us! 8^) Also, they don't do noodle dishes very well, in many hounds' opinions.

                Check this thread to read more:

                Those posts are a bit old, but still true and relevant in my opinion.

            2. Luscuious Thai on 60th and 1st has great pad thai. Don't know if they deliver that far, but give it a try

              1. I went to Yum-Thai for lunch and I waited for like 25 minutes to get my lunch, which then I didn't have time to eat anymore.

                It's not the place to order from if you're starving and need to eat right away. All in all the Pad Thai was OK--I have become kind of a Pad Thai afficionado, and I didn't like their rendition quite that much. But, to satisfy a craving for lunch I guess it's OK.

                Right now my favorite Pad Thai is in Queens at Pinang, I like their seasoning the best.

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                  For Penang's pad thai, you don't have to venture out to Queens for some, since they have a bunch of branches in Manhattan alone. If you're willing to travel, they have branches on UWS, UES, Soho and Chinatown.

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                    I never knew that. I wish they had a branch in midtown.
                    Oh well, the search continues.


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                      just an fyi - the penangs may have the same name but they are definitely different owners throughout queens and in the city. so don't expect the same type of food!

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                      Sorry! I forgot to mention that it's best to order in advance...

                    3. Try topaz on north side 56th between 6th and 7th or I forget the name but it's on the North side of MOMA, 54th or 55th between 5th and 6th. Both good, not the best but very good for a quick lunch. More exepnsive try the $20 Prix Fixe at Tao on 58th between Madison and Park.