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Chez Napoleon - anyone?

Hi - i've lived in Hell's Kitchen for over 6 yrs and have passed this interesting little french restaurant many times, yet never tried it. Has anyone been to Chez Napoleon on 50th and 9th?


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  1. Though it's been on my "go to" list for a long time, I've never managed to eat at Chez Napoleon because I most often go to the theater on Sunday, and they are closed that day. :-(

    I did a search and found one thread that included a positive comment in May of this year: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/23431.... Other threads dating further back are all positive as well.

    1. A close friend of mine goes there for her birthday every year. I've been once and thought it was very good. Cozy atmosphere, good food, and reasonable prices.

      1. I like it alot. Been eating there for years.

        1. I've been once and was utterly charmed by the place. The food was definitely good, although nothing groundbreaking. The service was terrific!!!! They have a good price fix deal as well.

          1. IMO this place's atmosphere is pretty authenticly French (maybe the older French waitresses contribute to this.) If you seat in the second room (space is u-shaped) it's like being in a small Parisian bistro.

            The food is very reliable, not mind-blowing, but pretty solid.
            The prix-fix makes it quite affordable too.


            1. I live just half a block away and was there last friday. The room is cute in the cliched french bistro way which I actually love (le chat noir posters, edith piaf tracks etc), the service sweet but the food is only serviceable. Everything was a tad oversalted and the french onion soup was not thick enough and a pale yellow instead of a rich brown color. While its great when you live in the neighborhood or are catching a show, I personally wouldn't travel to eat here.

              1. I like Chez Napoleon and go there with the feeling that I am visiting an old friend. Nice ris de veau, good asparagus vinaigrette, terrific rognons dijonaisse (if that's your thing--it is mine), and if they offer blanquette de veau, it is worth a trip.

                1. Its good - try the crispy sweet breads

                  1. I liked the place a lot -- very neighborhoody feel in what can be a tourist trap area, and the service was very pleasant. However, the food quality was very uneven. The chocolate mousse seemed old and was nearly inedible.