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Dec 12, 2006 02:45 PM

3 days with Baby on Union Street

My husband and I are taking a quick vacation to SF with our 1 year old daughter and staying at our friend's house on the corner of Union and Steiner.

We will be there from x-mas day through the 27th and would love any suggestions of chowish food within walking distance that's also kid friendly.

I know it's a lot to ask - but figured it's SF - there's good food almost everywhere. Take out is fine too if need be.

All types of cuisine.


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  1. just to let you know that in the new westfield mall (bloomingdales) there is an incredible family lounge tucked in the corner behind the centre's food court. if you need a break with your baby or just need to change her diaper than this is the place to go. since this is a food blog, the food court in this mall will give you some impressive options for some gourmet food. not your typical food court here.

    1. Home Restaurant on Union Street is very close to where you will be staying and offers pretty good comfort food and it is very kid-friendly. I love the corn bread there.

      1. Dragonwell is our go-to spot in the Marina when dining with our 2-yr-old. It's on Chestnut and has healthy-style Chinese -- not authentic but consistently good and very child-friendly. Rose's Cafe is right near where you're staying and has a pretty good brunch menu.

        1. You are right by Rose's -- a very yummy neighborhood spot, especially in the morning. The baked goods are great. Let your daughter enjoy a muffin while you have the smoked salmon pizza with scrambled eggs and creme fraiche.

          1. Pop into Cocoa Bella on Union for hot chocolate.