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good chaat?

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i've been trekking out to jersey to get chaat and i was wondering if anyone can suggest a good and closer alternative. 6th st is mostly (if not all)northern indian and i can't find anything on lex. . .

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  1. I second that request. Someplace in Jackson Heights, maybe?

    1. Sukhadia's - 45th between 5th & 6th


      1. Dimple on 30th btw 5th and Broadway.

        1. The samosa chaat at Spicy Mina's (the first item on the appetizer list) is amazingly good.

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            As much as I like Mina and her Samosa Chaat, I dont think its remarkably better than other samosa chaat I have had, say at Dimple or even the little place in Manhattan just e. of Lex on 29th.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Gotta admit, I was underwhelmed by the samosa chaat at Mina's new place.

          2. There's good chaat in Jackson Heights at this place called Rajbhog, 72-27 37th Avenue.
            I guess it's a chain, but I like it.