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Dec 12, 2006 02:44 PM

good chaat?

i've been trekking out to jersey to get chaat and i was wondering if anyone can suggest a good and closer alternative. 6th st is mostly (if not all)northern indian and i can't find anything on lex. . .

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  1. I second that request. Someplace in Jackson Heights, maybe?

      1. Dimple on 30th btw 5th and Broadway.

        1. The samosa chaat at Spicy Mina's (the first item on the appetizer list) is amazingly good.

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          1. re: KRS

            As much as I like Mina and her Samosa Chaat, I dont think its remarkably better than other samosa chaat I have had, say at Dimple or even the little place in Manhattan just e. of Lex on 29th.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Gotta admit, I was underwhelmed by the samosa chaat at Mina's new place.

          2. There's good chaat in Jackson Heights at this place called Rajbhog, 72-27 37th Avenue.
            I guess it's a chain, but I like it.