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Dec 12, 2006 02:36 PM

Cheap Sushi on the Westside

I have heard that there are many 'hidden gems' on the westside for cheap sushi. My most recent trip was to Asuka - I was less than impressed with the quality of the salmon and tuna there. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hide Sushi on Sawtelle is very popular.

    I personally enjoy California Sushi Roll on Wilshire and Granville (near Barrington).

    A new sushi place is just opening on Wilshire just East of Centinela called Hara Sushi and they have a coupon in the mailer you get periodically for money off.

    EN Sushi (Barrington & Santa Monica Blvd.) is a good deal at lunch.

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    1. re: Bria Silbert

      I second the rec for Hide Sushi. it's the best balance of quality and price I've seen. If you go, I would suggest sitting at the sushi bar for better service. It gets crowded, which keeps the fish fresh, and it is cash only, so be prepared.

    2. how Westside? I love Hirozen on Beverly Blvd. and Orlando or Sweetzer - it's delicious.

      1. Echigo remains a very high quality and good value option for lunch.

        1. If you want to do lunch and are a little brave, the Sushi the Students prepare at the California Sushi Academy on Centinella is pretty darn tasty. It's one of the FEW place I've returned to more than once this past year because it was such a great deal and we got some really yummy things... :)


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          1. re: Dommy

            If you get the chance I would love to hear a more detailed review of CSA. Some more info about what is served, pacing, price, seating, etc. would be appreciated. I keep meaning to go there, but haven't made it yet.

            1. re: Jonah

              for what it's worth
              when i went there, the fish was ok, but the rice was too cold and hard. the rice ruined the whole experience for me.

            2. re: Dommy

              I sought this place out after having read about it on our wonderful board. I must say that I was unimpressed. Sushi choices were limited and rudimentary. Plus, it's a dump.

            3. If about $25-$30 to feel full (without alcohol), there are two I enjoy:

              Sushi Masu (on Westwood, slightly south of Santa Monica)
              Go on a weekday night. The chef is friendly, fish is fresh. The main chef, however, is significantly better than his assistant in draping/constructing the sushi. Sushi is simple (not a lot of crazy rolls). But if you are into rolls, the dragon roll has a really nice flavor. Have excellent non-sushi items as well. Parking is fairly easy. If you do go on a weekend night, the service will be slow.

              Sushi Karen (On Washington blvd, west of Downtown Culver City)
              Has some less standard stuff (lemon & salt red snapper, "amber jack," yellowtail belly). Also, even on weekend nights isn't very busy. Some excellent pieces of fish. Service is attentive.

              Hide Sushi - Recently, I haven't been that impressed considering the wait; even on a weekday you can wait up to an hour during peak times to get seated. Parking on weekends is somewhat a hastle. Offers basic sushi nothing really memorable(maybe I just don't know what to order!). Also, is not much cheaper from the ones described above (more like $20 a person).

              Hope that helps!