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Media, PA dining

Are there any good restaurants in Media?

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  1. I moved away from there a year and a half ago, so this may be slightly old info. Nadia Thai (formerly Nooddi) is great, it used to be a noodle place and now serves Thai as well, the old noodle menu is still available as far as I know. Margaret Kuo's Media is to be avoided, the Granite Run location is better. The Iron Hill and Sligo (if it's still there) are good for bar food. La Na is also very good, it's 'French/Thai', though I never really detected the French part.

    1. A new Indian restaurant opened on State Street last week and it's quite good. The name is Shere-E-Punjab (www.shereepunjab.com). We were in for Sunday dinner and were delighted-- and the word has gotten around really fast, because every table was taken by 6pm, so reservations might be in order.

      1. "Are there any good restaurants in Media"? In a word, "no". I work there and my staff and I have a running daily joke about where to go for lunch. As noted by Buckethead, Nadia Thai is most likely your best bet. However, I understand that the owners of Teikoku will be opening a place where the old West End Saloon is, so there is hope yet.

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          "Insert eyeroll here"- I love Chowhound, but sometimes people can be so snobby.... I just moved from Media to DE and, trust me, Media is like food mecca compared to Newport.

          That being said, yes there are good restaurants in Media. Like they said, Nadia is excellent, and althought I haven't been to LaNa in years, I always enjoyed it. Quotations has a fantastic beer list, and pretty decent bar food. Iron Hill has decent beer and pretty good food, although I find it to be overpriced for what they give you. Sligo also has good bar food.

          Fellini Cafe has good pasta entrees and is BYO. Margaret Kuo's on State St is decent, but she has a place in the Granite Run mall that has the same menu, yet is much better.

          For breakfast, Fast and Fancy restaurant, Koffee Korner, and Custom Bagels are all missed dearly by my husband and I.

        2. Margaret Kuo's on State St has recently been renovated, and it looks like the food may have gotten a makeover as well. Though I stand by the Granite Run incarnation as the better of the two, the one in Media is very nearly up to snuff now. The new decor blows the Pecking (at granite run) out of the water. No doubt a fine place to eat in Media.

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            when did it get the makeover? We went to the State St. location in June after daughter's graduation, and it was quite poor, especially on the chinese side of the menu. We had many visits to Granite Hill and it never disappointed like that.

          2. my wife grew up going to the Town House in Media, I think they still have Lobster Thermidor on the menu....this place is a throwback to an earlier time. They still make a great cocktail and its one of those places that we like to go once or twice a year...kind of like The Pub in Pennsauken....its a tradition.

            1. Welcome to the world of chowhound, jessi. Of course we're snobs!!! We like good food and we are willing to call out those who don't provide it. Speaking of which, I lived in Wilmington for 10 years. Talk about Restaurant Wasteland. Although I will make an exception for Eclipse. Great food.

              1. I like La Belle Epoque Cafe for Sunday brunch, LaNa for a very inexpensive yet decent lunch, and Iron Hill for dinner. I was very disappointed in Shere-E-Punjab. I ordered a chicken dish that was full of dark meat and gristle. The sauce was good, but the chicken was nearly inedible. I'll keep going to Ardmore for Indian food.

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                  Roux 3 in Edgemont (only 15 minutes from Media) is a good alternative (unless you go on a Saturday night. They cannot handle it properly and you'll wait forever.)
                  There is also outdoor dining.


                2. yes!! shere-e-punjab..the indian restuarnt in media has the best indian food!! i go there to eat once a month...everythin is wonderfull..service..food..charge..atompshere!!
                  i luv it!!!

                  1. good eats in Media:

                    "Shere-e Punjab" for decent Indian, I've had better, but for Media it's pretty good and the service is very attentive. "Azie" for some asian fusion with a hipper atmosphere. "House" on Jackson for the best lunch and take out in town. Still haven't found a really good breakfast place, but koffee korner is ok for a quick breakfast bite. La Na is also decent for Thai fusion, but their service is somewhat poor.