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Dec 12, 2006 01:48 PM

Does anyone remember Cottage Donuts?

My family often went to Cottage Donuts in Newtonville (corner of Washington and Walnut) during the 80s. I still crave their chocolate-covered donuts. I heard a while back that one of the owners was still making donuts for wholesale, but I'm not sure if this is still true.

Does anyone know where I could get a delicious Cottage Donut??!!!!

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  1. Never heard a chocolate covered donut called a "cottage donut" before but may I suggest that Kane's in Saugus may have the best...on the north shore anyway.

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    1. re: AnneM

      Actually, my recent donut experiences put Demet's ahead of Kane's.

    2. Oh my, yes! I remember I used to work downtown back in '84-85 and someone from Newton used to bring them in once in a while. They were amazing! I remember huge flaked coconut coating some of them. Now that I live in Newton, I wish they were still around..Newton could use a decent donut spot!

      1. I remember Cottage Donuts -- and their chocolate donuts -- very well. Unfortunlately it's now just another Dunkin' Donuts.

        1. I remember fighting my brother every Sunday for Cottage's fantastic chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting and jimmies. Years ago someone affiliated with Cottage opened up a shop in Brighton on Washington st. in between Oak Sq. and Brighton Center and produced very similar donuts to Cottage. IIRC, it didn't last very long and I've heard nothing since.

          LOL at the first reply, excellent reading comprehension ;-)

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          1. re: PaulB

            Oh, Lordy, I loved those chocolate w/jimmies donuts. I don't think I ever even tried another flavor, and we had them every Sunday (remember those lines!) So sad when they closed.

            1. re: PaulB

              I recall Cottage Donuts fondly, too.

              There is a place in Wells, ME called Congdon's Donuts which has comparable Chocolate Jimmy donuts.

            2. Cottage Donuts in Newtonville, Mass UNQUESTIONABLY made the BEST donuts I've ever eaten in my life.

              Now it's a gross and disgusting dunkins. I don't even like writing the "d' word.

              All we're left with is the memories