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Dec 12, 2006 01:46 PM

Any cheap eats-with seating-in the Bloomingdales area?

Really not familiar with the area but seeing an off-Broadway show in the vicinity on Thursday.

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  1. Lunch or Dinner?
    How cheap?

    1. Teodora is pretty good. It's on 57th bet lex and 3rd.

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      1. re: mobahat

        oh boy-just checked out their prices-not for my budget

      2. dinner-about 30 w/tax/tip/4/2

        1. There is a great Turkish place on 54th and 2nd called TAKSIM. Don't know if this is too far out of the way, but their food is fresh and delicious and very reasonable prices.

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          1. re: jenniebnyc

            Had dinner there last night-WONDERFUL: hummus with falafel, moussaka, and lamb shank. Deliciious and truly friendly if they'd only oopen a branch in Brooklyn. Thanks for the rec!

          2. The frozen yogurt stand IN Bloomingdales!