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Dec 12, 2006 01:31 PM

Great meal at Gargoyles 12/9

After hearing all of your reviews and suggestions I finally made it to Gargoyles on Saturday.

It was fantastic. Apps were special of scallop cake over schestnut puree which went over very well with my dc. My spp of crayfish bisque was wonderful. It was nice to have the taste fresh tails, after getting used to frozen it was like heaven. The maple soda accompanying it was sweet yet refreshing and the pastrami reuben fritters had a hint of meatiness and caraway. It was a good melding of beignet and sandwich.

Entrees, dc loved the escolar but was not impressed with the lobster mashed potatoes. Chunks of garlic everywhere. My turducken was very good and moist, although the duck was more shredded than a solid piece. Gnocchi were very good, (maybe I would have liked them better had I not had a fantastically tender version the night before at Bon Caldo).

For dessert we split a warm gingerbread bread puding with white chocolate sauce and carrot anglaise which was the perfect ending.

Bill was apprxomately $75 (neither of us drank) and I'll be back.

Thanks for all the reccs!

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  1. Glad you liked your first experience at Gargoyle's. Who knows, perhaps you'll join the group of CH regulars? Did you sit at the bar? If not, try that next time as it's a lot of fun.

    1. I was at Gargoyle's for the first time last week as well. We had very friendly service at the bar. Had an appetizer of reuben fritters....very yummy. How can you go wrong with deep fried bits of reuben? Then had the burger which I thought to be quite good. I really liked its smoky flavor though it was just a wee bit salty for me. It was cooked medium rare as ordered and the fries were delish as well.

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      1. re: lissy

        I had part of a burger and fries there last week as well. They have one of the best burgers in town. I do like the french fries there, but my preference is for skinny fries v. these fat fries that Gargoyle's now serves. At least they do a great job with the fat fries.

        1. re: beetlebug

          I like it when their fries are covered with bacon, blue cheese & ranch. Yes, I sound like a broken record. Paul says that the dish will eventually make a comeback, but for now we have to deal with the spicy fries (which were pretty good).

        2. re: lissy

          As much as I like the burger (it gets better each time I go) I think next time I will just make a (not-so-healthy) meal of those reuben fritters - they were delicious!

          Hmmm...might have to go tomorrow!

          1. re: heathermb

            If you're a make a meal out of appetizers gal, like I am, I recommend some sort of combination of the following:
            From the bar menu:
            Duck Drumettes
            Tuna tartare (this was utterly fantastic)
            Dining Room menu:
            Tempura Rock Shrimp Zushi

            1. re: gini

              We saw the duck drumettes being served to someone down the bar - they did look delicious!

              1. re: gini

                Tuna tartare is ubiquitous these days; Gargoyles somehow has managed to keep this dish fresh and exciting. And, oh boy, the shrimp zushi was another flavor explosion! I confess, I can't stop thinking about that dish...

              2. re: heathermb

                Try the spiced bourbon. I get it on the rocks and it is delicious and addicting.

            2. Gargoyle's serves turducken now? What did it cost?

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              1. re: Spike

                Turducken came with hot chocolate gnocchi and black trumpet mushrooms for $19. A huge portion.

                Next time I will have to have the Tempura Rock Shrimp.

                We did not sit at the bar this time. And the whole experience was heightened by the fct that Downtown City liquor store had the Abita Amber I've been looking for for a year!

              2. Glad to read of an excellent sounding menu this past weekend - I'm expecting to go this coming weekend, and the crayfish bisque and reuben fritters both sound excellent!

                1. I was there about two weeks ago and had a chance to sample a few of the dishes on the current menu that haven't been mentioned so far. Thought I'd post about them in case it helps someone with future ordering decisions.

                  The "lamb cappuccino" app was delicious: frothy and rich, really cute presentation in a little mug, though a surprisingly dainty portion for Gargoyles, where the portions usually tend to be man-sized. There was a dessert soup on the menu - berry-based (maybe cranberry?) with a topping of lemon curd, some kind of ice cream and torched meringue. It was woooooonderful. Also tried the root beer trio, which was just so-so: the root beer flavor didn't come through strongly enough in either the gel or the creme brulee and a root beer float is fine but doesn't seem like anything to write home about. I'd take a place with whimsical menus and the occasional misstep like Gargoyles over safe-but-boring anyday.