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Dec 12, 2006 01:24 PM

the little owl

i was really impressed. the food was as good as i heard it would be. the pork chop, i had my doubts, but was very surprised at how delicious, juicy and tender it was.
the raspberry beignets with nutella were great too.
loved it.
nice service as well.

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  1. How were the portion sizes??

    I love anythign with Nutella, was that on the regular menu or a special??

    Little Owl is definitely on my list..

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    1. re: melodyt1313

      the appetizer was a perfect small portion. the pork chop was HUGE!!! i took about 2/3 of it home. the desserts were perfect too. and i believe the beignets are a regular dessert on the menu. they were sooooo good.

    2. Did you have reservations, or walk-in? Since the Times did their piece a little while ago, it has gained quite a bit of press and notoriety. I’ve been trying to go, but haven’t had a night where I could accommodate the waiting time.

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      1. re: bocce

        we made a was a monday night at 6pm! probably not too busy of a time, but it filled up quick.
        very very worth the wait

        1. re: bocce

          They're now on opentable. I made a reservation about a month out.

        2. You definitely need reservations. It's teeny tiny.. but delicious and great service. I loved gravy meatball sliders and scallops apps. Portion sizes are on the smaller side.