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Dec 12, 2006 01:20 PM

Everything on the menu at Alta

Thinking of going to Alta with a group of people for a celabratory dinner and ordering their entire menu option. Any thoughts or has anyone done this? Thanks in advance

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  1. I have wanted to do this for a while. Came close one night as we ended up ordering a ton of stuff a la carte. I have not had a bad dish at Alta. I wouldn't do it with less than 6 people.

    1. Went there this Saturday night with a group of six and absolutely loved it. Highly recommend the short rib dish, as well as the fried goat cheese with lavender honey. The "truffle surprise" is delicious, but almost overwhelmingly rich, so I found just one bite of it to be quite satisfying.

      Re: "The Whole Shebang"...I think it would be overkill to order for a group of six, unless everyone was famished. How many different things does one want to taste in an evening anyway?

      Maybe it's because we ordered several drinks, but we only ordered 15 dishes for our group of six, plus two desserts, and no one was hungry....

      Also, the total bill, with tax and tip included was $300 for 6 people....a GREAT deal, given the amount of alcohol we consumed! :)

      1. We did it with a group of 6 for my Birthday a few years back and loved it. Good, interesting values on the wine list also help make it a great deal.

        1. I have to say, I'm not a fan of Alta. I had dinner there a few years ago and was unimpressed and went to a party there last week and was even less so. They had a dish that was basically fried cream was pretty disgusting.

          Other dishes were a spicy sausage with cous cous, fried goat cheese, bacon wrapped shrimp, and some others. All quite heavy. I did like the gnocchi quite a bit.

          1. I did this with a group of 12. Then we ordered dishes that we liked from the sampler. It worked out quite nicely. I'm an Alta fan and would recommend this (probably better for 8-10 people minimum, though; it is a lot of food)