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Dec 12, 2006 01:15 PM

What's the scoop on Bar Minnow?

The last posting here implied that the Board of Health closed Bar Minnow because it failed an inspection, but that's not what the DOH website says. According to their website, Bar Minnow was inspected on 10/20/2006 and received a score of 4, which is actually a very low (meaning good) score. Anything under 28 is a passing score.

It kind of boggles the mind that the owners had a thriving restaurant business next door and then ran it totally into the ground when they opened the bar. My wife and I stopped in a couple of times over the summer and it seemed obvious to us that they were going to close: on each visit they were out of most of the wines that were listed on their wine menu, on one visit the televisions were gone, etc...

It was almost like they wanted to fail. Really strange...

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  1. Eater reported that it may be permanently closed and that the chef is gone - a bank may be taking it's place.

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      The new bright yellow awning is up and it reads thusly, from left to right:


      Get the picture?...Mystery solved...gone from surf to turf.

      1. re: Mike R.

        Right you are - I just passed it 10 minutes ago on my way back from Applewood - can't miss that new bright yellow awning. But other than that the interior is unchanged. Is this the great morphing from minnows to moocows?

        1. re: livetotravel

          Whatever it is, let's see if it'll sink or swim.

          Do you know if the ownership changed or they've just shifted their paradigm?

    2. Great... ANOTHER bank in the south slope. Admittedly, most of the ones that have opened in the past 2 years have opened on 5th Ave., not 7th.. Why doesn't somebody put a pharmacy there, the south slope is severely underserved in that regard.

      Yes, I am kidding.

      1. It was indeed a rather amazing swan dive, but the new place (Bar Minnow) was simply never any good, and I would bet that the rent for that space was very high. Almost a textbook case of what not to do in the restaurant biz. Oh, and that waiter...

        1. Once, I was proud to take out-of-town friends to The Minnow.
          Knowing that the chef was ex-Le Bernardin and the fish was fresh and well-prepared, I came to expect fine food there.
          In fact, a French friend of mine arrived with a guide book published in France which recommended The Minnow as an exceptional Park Slope restaurant.

          I ate at Bar Minnow only once, an experience I documented on this site. Suffice it to say, I was served funky mussels, but the waiter willingly took them away and comped me a glass of wine. After that, after reading the experience of many other chowhounds, I decided to take me seafood appetite elsewhere. You are right: it seems as if the owners really wanted it to fail.

          1. Long live Pettite Crevette!