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Dec 12, 2006 01:02 PM

Please - Help in Willlamsburg and nearby

Would like to buy a gift certificate for a 50+-ish couple and spend $100-$125. They live in Williamsburg, but nearby areas are fine as well. Would like a place that you can make reservations. They are not particularly the most adventurous of eaters. Any help would be appreciated as I'm not familiar with the area at all! Thanks!

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  1. How about Dressler... new and note-worthy.
    Peter Lugars is pretty strait-forward for the non-adventurous eaters, but $125 might not be enough $$ to two.

    1. I agree with Ida---Dressler's is very good and up-scale for Williamsburg.....Luger's is a steak house classic and I would like to add Bamonte's on Wither's Street.....Neighborhood institution classic Italian American red sauce pasta house with lots of celeb pics on the walls and warm atmosphere.

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      1. re: pgkelly

        Bammonte's! Of course! That place is classic, and perfect for the "non-adventurous", being a red-sauce kind of place.

        1. re: Ida Red

          I haven't eaten at Bamonte's but some posters have panned it.
          ( ) There are a lot of classic Italian places on Graham Av. But I'd opt for luxury -- Dressler or Luger's.

      2. I have taken my similarly aged parents to Aurora and they loved it.

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          I'd second an Aurora recommendation. I was incredibly disappointed with my Bamonte's meal, and every dinner (brunch has disappointed) I have had at Aurora has been fantastic - especially in the winter, when they have their 10-hour slow-roasted pork. Dressler is decent, but I don't feel it lives up to the hype about it.

          1. re: ADB

            Thank you all! I think will go with either Dressler's or Aurora!!
            Thanks again!

            1. re: pwrube

              We just had dinner at Dressler on Wednesday and enjoyed it very much. Like DuMont they've created a wonderful atmospheric dining space. Dressler is a bit more upscale in the sense that the dining room is a bit more sophisticated, they do bread service, etc.

              I'm actually considering a GC for my parents who like to visit Brooklyn and try new places.

        2. Dumont, 432 Union Ave. I really liked the place, that price range is just right.

          1. Aurora!!!!
            Bamonte's is all about the atmosphere, food is not too good.