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Dec 12, 2006 12:46 PM

Dinner Help, Before We Kill Each Other

My boyfriend and I need some advice. It is our anniversary next week, and we want to go out to a nice dinner. We’re 25, have eaten at a lot of places in DC (ex: Zatinya, Galileo, Al Tiramisu, Clyde’s, Perry’s, Meze etc.) and eat all the time (ok, we don't cook a lot). He wants it to be super romantic, expensive, etc., and I don’t want to just go to an expensive dinner just to go and have it be not up to the price paid. So far, he’s suggested Marcel’s or 1789. Any suggestions?

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  1. Marcel's is worth it. Great food and romantic. But you pay the price.

    1. My husband and I (along with six other family members) just went to 1789 last weekend and had a blast. I didn't think it was that exspensive (you can do less than 100 per head) but it was definately a good time. The food and service were great. We had dinner in the main room near the fireplace and it would have been very romantic if not for our additional family members being there ;)

      When you make the reservations, let them know that you are celebrating your anniversary.

      Another option would be Restaurant Eve in Old Town

      1. Second Restaurant Eve. I've had anniversary dinners in the bistro and the tasting room, and have never been less than thrilled. Price wise, the bistro is the way to go. And have a properly mixed nightcap at their speakeasy above Eammon's Chipper.

        1. 1789 is very good, but even I felt the vibe there was a little "old," and I was far past 25 when I went there a couple of years ago. I would strongly favor Marcel's in a two-way race there -- I liked the food there a little more as well. Haven't had the pleasure of Eve yet.

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            I wonder why some people find 1789 "old" - I'm far from old and felt very comfortable at 1789. However, I've seen other posters refer to the same issue...

            I haven't been to Marcel's though ;) am looking forward to doing so.

          2. Eve is not only the best of the three, but it's a real cozy hideaway.

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              Be sure to request the Tasting Room for super service.