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Dec 12, 2006 03:05 AM

Baking Wax--what is it used for? (Split from Washington DC Board)

Apparently to harden the chocolate.

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  1. According to this recipe for Buckeyes, which are kind of like chocolate coated peanut butter truffles, banking wax helps the chocolate to harden:

    In the Internet tradition of giving an answer to a different question when you don't know the real answer, I offer this alternative, which one responded says "this is way better than using baking wax."

    Ain'g Google wonderful? But I lost patience before I found a source for baking wax or even exactly what it was or how it's to be used.

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      Wow, I've never seen a recipe for Buckeyes that wasn't my mother's! They're a favorite in my family. My mother, however, has a heavy hand with the paraffin, and the chocolate often comes out strange (at least to me).

    2. We never called it baking wax - we just called it paraffin. In addition to using it to help set your dipping chocolate, and keep it from melting in warm temps, it was also used to seal jelly jars. The liquid paraffin was just poured over the warm jelly to form a seal on the top of it. Then, a lid was screwed on. To serve, the solid disk of paraffin was just pried off the jelly.

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        I remember my great aunt sealing her preserves with parafin. She was a *great* cook and did both preserves and pickles & relishes every year. But, even as a kid, the jam under the parafin kinda scared me.

        I also remember once having some candy recipes from the White House that used parafin in chocolate instead of tempering it. At the time, instructions for tempering chocolate weren't available so I was glad to have that method so I could use real chocolate without fear of blooming. Now, it seems so strange that the White House kitchen would use wax instead of tempering.

      2. Years ago, I used to make peanut butter balls which called for the use of parafin wax. Never heard it called baking wax either. It's used not only to harden the chocolate, but also leaves a nice shine to the pb balls.

        1. Paraffin is a substitute for good chocolate that is in temper. I have seen recipes that call for it, but the taste is horrible and it makes the product almost inedible.