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Dec 12, 2006 06:43 AM

best organic/bio/natural wines from france

Greetings people.

I will be in Paris for a day this January and want to stock up on a few bottles.

I am partiuclarly interested in natural/unfiltered red wines, and RM Champagnes.

As far as what styles of red, im not that picky, I like a wide range, not real keen on strong oak flavours. I like versatile wines that go with a wide range of foods.

Any suggestions?

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  1. If you are looking for biodynamically farmed wines, take a look at what Lalou Bize-Leroy is doing in Burgundy. She makes some fantastic wines. Of course, her legacy is DRC, so she has a track record.

    1. pierre morey, chapoutier, trapet, tollot-beaut, dme. leflaive, dme. leroy for still; fleury and sousa for champagne. also from alsace dme. zind-humbrecht and marcel deiss, but those are whites, as is nicholas joly from the loire (the father of bio-dynamic, btw.)

      you will find more whites than reds being farmed biodynamically.

      laws in the eu for organic and bio-dynamic are much different than here, and many producers simply opt out of the labelling hassles. less than 3% of burgundy growers are registered as bio-dynamic, although many domaines are following what is called "sustainable farming".

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        thanks for the suggestions. Certification is no big deal to me. The actual methods of the farmer/producer is what excites me not the label.

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          I don't want to be picky but the father of bio-dynamy is Rudolf Steiner who died in 1925. Nicolas Joly, a great winemaker, is an early convert, 1984. I would also mention Didier Dagueneau in Pouilly-Fumé, 1992.
          In red, i can think of Domaine de Trévallon. Here is a link where you can find most of biodymany producers:

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            steiner est le grandpere. ;) he didn't get much traction.

        2. Buyer beware! Most, if not all, producers listed in the above posts are already available in the US. And you'll be surprised to find in many cases prices in US are lower than in Paris. Not to mention the hassle of schlepping all that glass.

            1. RicRios, i
              Thanks for the tip but im actually living in South Africa. Are the prices high in Paris though?

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                I usu. find retail prices for french wine in California considerably lower than in France.
                It could be also due to our sales tax being much lower than their VAT.

                But on the other hand, a Baccarat stem purchased in Baccarat's flagship store Place de la Madeleine costs about half the price you pay at Neiman Marcus.
                Go figure!