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Dec 12, 2006 05:52 AM

Decent dishes at Toscana....

Good friend of mine, who lives in Brentwood, is taking me to dinner this week at I've been half a dozen times, and have yet to try a dish I want to repeat (as to why I've been so often, its been either with him or wine dinners in private room).

The steak is average, the pastas are weak (oversauced, overcooked etc)...

The only decent thing on the menu, so far, is the pizza.

Any suggestions?


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    1. With so many other Italian restaurants nearby, and nearly all of them operated by chefs formerly with either Toscana, Valentino or Rex, I would gently suggest another venue for variety and better food.
      Search for Brentwood Italian should yield much commentary in the past few months.

      1. I afriad my info is 5 years old, but I used to always get the sauteed Branzino, Med. Sea Bass, which was wonderful when they had it (usually a special); when the didn't I'd order the Lake Superior White Fish (not quite as good) instead.