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Dec 12, 2006 05:17 AM

Favorites at Hiro's Yakko-San

I'm slowly (ok, very slowly) making my way through the menu at Hiro's. Every time I go, I always wind up asking the people around me what they're having or asking one of the guys working the line what it was that they just sent out. I was wondering what everyone's favorite dishes were. I haven't had anything there I didn't like, but so far I'm most fond of the kimchi hot pot, the oyako don, and the chrysanthemum tempura.

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  1. Pork Belly when it's on special (it's touch and go though, sometimes good, sometimes bad), pork w/ kimchee, crispy bok choy (greasy but good), whatever fish with scallion & ginger. My girlfriend loves the curries, but they're a little odd for me.

    1. Oh, boy, talk about a subject close to my heart. We go almost every week and I still find new stuff to try. An undoubtedly incomplete list of what we've tried, many of which are from the specials (I'm going to make the list and then put stars by some of my favorites):

      -chicken katsu (for the kids)
      *-spicy miso cod
      -flash-fried bok choi
      *-hamachi usuzukuri (very thin-sliced yellowtail sashimi, to which they'll add slivers of jalapeno and ponzu)
      -kabocha tempura
      *-maitake mushroom tempura (sometimes on the specials)
      *-hamachi kama (often a special - collar of a yellowtail broiled and served w/ ponzu; a little work, but worth it for the delicious meat)
      -salmon kama & belly (occasional special - outrageously rich and fatty; you'll feel like a bear fattening up for winter)
      -grilled eggplant
      -sauteed pork w/ eggplant and miso
      *-spicy chile shrimp
      -salmon ocha zuke (over rice w/ green tea poured over it - very refreshing)
      *-okonomiyaki (they call it a japanese pizza - an odd omelette type concoction with cabbage, fish, fish flakes and mayo - really rich and an excellent late night munchie)
      -uni & ikura pasta
      -udon w/ chicken and vegetable
      -fried chicken gizzards (not bad, but not sure what the point is)
      -seafood miso ae (they call this something a little different, but it's tuna, conch octopus and greeen onion with a mustardy miso sauce - really good)
      *-grilled pork belly (regular special - little slivers, nice and crispy)
      -sanma (like a big sardine, grilled whole including innards - sometimes a little dry but if you like strongly flavored silver-skinned fish like sardine or mackerel, etc. it's good; often a special)
      -steak w/ garlic sauce
      -tongue stew
      - clams sakemushi (cooked in sake)
      *-grilled fiji shrimp (they haven't had these for a while, but when they are on the specials they are absolutely delicious)
      -ikura onigiri (since they don't do regular sushi, this is as close as you can get - it's like a pyramid of sushi rice stuffed inside with salmon roe - or salmon or a couple other things - with a sheet of nori wrapped around it; almost as good are the little japanese pickles that come with it)
      -jack tataki
      -tuna tataki
      -jack nanbanzuke (sometime special - this was surprisingly good - jack, a somewhat strong-flavored fish, fried and served cold, sort of pickled with vinegar and peppers - almost exactly like a jamaican fish escovitch)

      I'm sure there are many things I'm forgetting.

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        Man, Frod... I've wanted this list from you for months... just never thought to ask. Thanks!

      2. Sounds like a great spot but WHAT city is this restaurant in?

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          North Micmi Beach, on southbound Dixie Hwy.

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            Is this Hiro's place just north of Lorenzo's everyone is raving about?

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              Yes. Net, you will enjoy it.

              Hiro's Yakko-San
              3881 NE 163rd Street, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

        2. North Miami. A few blocks north of 163rd Street on Dixie Highway.

          1. I plan to get the hamachi kama next time. The last time I went, the couple next to me at the bar got an order and then got another later in their meal. It looked pretty good. Cheek meat is the way to go.

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              Finally tried the Hamchi Kama last night. Great stuff, very flavorful, highly recommend trying it.