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Dec 12, 2006 04:45 AM

SF Dim Sum to Go


When we go into the City we often like to
bring a cooler and stock up on low cost
Dim Sum to last us a week or two. This is
our old list. What’s Happening now?
(no sit down meals please)
T.C. Pastry Dim Sum To Go
2222 Irving St (betw. 23rd & 24thAve)
Closed Tues. M-S 8-6:30
H & N Dim Sum 7/02
2511 Noriega Ave (betw. 32nd & 33rd Ave)
415-661-3819 7-d, 7-6
6/06 To Go Only
Mong Kok Dim Sum
1438 Noriega St. (Bet. 32 and 31st Ave)
San Francisco
Eastern Bakery 720 Grant Ave
415-952-5157 orders: 415-433-8881
Coffee Crunch Cake, Traditional Cakes,
cheap dim sum, limited varieties
Baked/steamed pork buns
Good Luck Dim Sum
736 Clement St, nr. 9th Ave.
San Francisco, CA
415-386-3388, 7-6:30 closed Tues.
Mostly take-out. Several tables in back/
$1/3 to $1.70 for pork lotus leaf.
(Dumplings not Dim Sum) 9/06
Shanghai Dumpling Shop
3319 Balboa at 34th 387-2088
Red Awning Outer Richmond
Pork on lettuce Leaf. Closed Tues.
New City Dim Sum 10/91
634 Clement - bet 7th & 8th Ave
Happy Family Rest. 6/90 (limted menu)
3809 Geary (Bet. 2nd & 3rd Ave)
Boiled/Steamed Pot Stickers (wheat)
Shrimp, pork, Beef; Small Shrimp Buns
Hong Kong Seafood
2588 Noriega St at 33rd
Reg Menu & Dim Sum to go

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  1. I haven't had any to-go dim sum in SF yet, so I don't have any specific advice. But I wanted to ask about the dates (or what appear to be dates) on your list....for example, does the 6/90 next to Happy Family Rest. mean that you last ate there in 1990?

    Dave MP

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    1. re: Dave MP

      Rohan Lounge occupies that address now.

      1. re: Dave MP

        Dave MP

        Yes, Dates sort of, the last time In put it up in the computer.
        Happy Family is however gone.

        Thanks all.

      2. Sadly, H&N shut down earlier this year and has been replaced by a pho place. Though it had a smaller selection, I felt the general quality of the food was better than Mong Kok's.

        Hong Kong Seafood is now S&T and has gone through several ownership changes (though the signage may not reflect that). Have not eaten dim sum there in ages nor have I purchased anything from their take-out counter.

        TC Pastry is alive and well. A newer take out dim sum joint has opened up across the street from it - Happy Bakery I believe. I like their big chicken buns (steamed w/chicken, egg, shittake mushroom, and sausage). I think it's related to the place on the corner of 6th and Clement. I generally prefer TC Pastry for their dumplings but it wouldn't be a bad idea to pop into Happy Bakery to check out their selection.

        Happy Bakery
        2253 Irving St
        San Francisco, CA 94122
        (415) 661-1386

        1. You can add:

          Red House Bakery
          2818 San Bruno Ave
          San Francisco, CA 94134

          1. As mentioned, Hong Kong Seafood is now S & T. I've had a chance to eat in and take out and have been generally pleased. It's our go-to stop and grab place when we're heading north on Sunset Blvd. going toward the GG Bridge and points north.

            1. New Wing Sing on Judah x 9th (near UCSF)

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              1. re: chowchowchow

                Is New Wing Sing still open? I drove by there recently and the windows were covered in brown paper.

                1. re: Sophia C.

                  Its reopened with a new name, but with the same people and same food...but clean.