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SF Dim Sum to Go


When we go into the City we often like to
bring a cooler and stock up on low cost
Dim Sum to last us a week or two. This is
our old list. What’s Happening now?
(no sit down meals please)
T.C. Pastry Dim Sum To Go
2222 Irving St (betw. 23rd & 24thAve)
Closed Tues. M-S 8-6:30
H & N Dim Sum 7/02
2511 Noriega Ave (betw. 32nd & 33rd Ave)
415-661-3819 7-d, 7-6
6/06 To Go Only
Mong Kok Dim Sum
1438 Noriega St. (Bet. 32 and 31st Ave)
San Francisco
Eastern Bakery 720 Grant Ave
415-952-5157 orders: 415-433-8881
Coffee Crunch Cake, Traditional Cakes,
cheap dim sum, limited varieties
Baked/steamed pork buns
Good Luck Dim Sum
736 Clement St, nr. 9th Ave.
San Francisco, CA
415-386-3388, 7-6:30 closed Tues.
Mostly take-out. Several tables in back/
$1/3 to $1.70 for pork lotus leaf.
(Dumplings not Dim Sum) 9/06
Shanghai Dumpling Shop
3319 Balboa at 34th 387-2088
Red Awning Outer Richmond
Pork on lettuce Leaf. Closed Tues.
New City Dim Sum 10/91
634 Clement - bet 7th & 8th Ave
Happy Family Rest. 6/90 (limted menu)
3809 Geary (Bet. 2nd & 3rd Ave)
Boiled/Steamed Pot Stickers (wheat)
Shrimp, pork, Beef; Small Shrimp Buns
Hong Kong Seafood
2588 Noriega St at 33rd
Reg Menu & Dim Sum to go

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  1. I haven't had any to-go dim sum in SF yet, so I don't have any specific advice. But I wanted to ask about the dates (or what appear to be dates) on your list....for example, does the 6/90 next to Happy Family Rest. mean that you last ate there in 1990?

    Dave MP

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    1. re: Dave MP

      Rohan Lounge occupies that address now.

      1. re: Dave MP

        Dave MP

        Yes, Dates sort of, the last time In put it up in the computer.
        Happy Family is however gone.

        Thanks all.

      2. Sadly, H&N shut down earlier this year and has been replaced by a pho place. Though it had a smaller selection, I felt the general quality of the food was better than Mong Kok's.

        Hong Kong Seafood is now S&T and has gone through several ownership changes (though the signage may not reflect that). Have not eaten dim sum there in ages nor have I purchased anything from their take-out counter.

        TC Pastry is alive and well. A newer take out dim sum joint has opened up across the street from it - Happy Bakery I believe. I like their big chicken buns (steamed w/chicken, egg, shittake mushroom, and sausage). I think it's related to the place on the corner of 6th and Clement. I generally prefer TC Pastry for their dumplings but it wouldn't be a bad idea to pop into Happy Bakery to check out their selection.

        Happy Bakery
        2253 Irving St
        San Francisco, CA 94122
        (415) 661-1386

        1. You can add:

          Red House Bakery
          2818 San Bruno Ave
          San Francisco, CA 94134

          1. As mentioned, Hong Kong Seafood is now S & T. I've had a chance to eat in and take out and have been generally pleased. It's our go-to stop and grab place when we're heading north on Sunset Blvd. going toward the GG Bridge and points north.

            1. New Wing Sing on Judah x 9th (near UCSF)

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              1. re: chowchowchow

                Is New Wing Sing still open? I drove by there recently and the windows were covered in brown paper.

                1. re: Sophia C.

                  Its reopened with a new name, but with the same people and same food...but clean.

              2. Just went to Good Luck Dim Sum last Sunday morning. For some reason, I always leave there underwhelmed. Many people like the place and the value is hard to argue with, its just seems like much of the dim sum is cold and gummy.

                By the way, I ate this at the shop and it was cold and gummy - could not imagine it being any better by bringing it home.

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                1. re: poulet_roti

                  I agree - Sebby & I went to Good Luck recently and really don't understand why anyone would recommend it over any of the other dim sum takeouts on Clement. It's certainly inexpensive and not bad, but not remarkable either.

                  Is there a dish that they do particularly well? We had (warning - bad spelling ahead) har gao, sui mai, char siu bao, taro puffs, and kuo teh, and none stood out.

                  1. re: adampaul

                    I can't agree here. Good Luck is less greesy & doughy, and uses more filling than at Wing Lee or the other Dim Sum place on the next block. GL is slightly more expensive than those two, but well worth it, IMO.

                2. If you'd like to go the frozen route, Asian American Food Co (1426 Noriega btwn 21st & 22nd diagonally across from Cafe Bakery) is a good choice also. Haven't had all of their stuff (XLB, various types of dumplings) yet, but veggie dumplings are above par.

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                    Just a note that these dumplings are not Cantonese dim sum style dumplings. They are Shanghai-style and they are extremely delicious! You can also get Shanghai-style water spinach and pork-filled wontons and very good pot stickers at Asian American Food Co.

                  2. We used to go to Good Luck all the time, and didn't mind the line or the rude ladies behind the counter because the dumplings and buns were great. Last time we went, about a month ago, the food seemed to have changed. The meat fillings were rubbery and tasted of way too much filler and too little meat, the shrimp dumplings had lots of gook and little shrimp, and even the sticky rice and buns were different. We called to complain and asked if they had changed recipes or cooks, but they swore everything was the same as it always was. We knew it was a lie, because we had been going there a couple times a month for years and haven't been back. Anyone else experience this?

                    1. Have you tried Gourmet Dim Sum? - 651 Clement Street at 8th Ave. next to the produce market. The dim sum prices are 3 for $1.30 (prices went up at Good Luck to 3 for $1.50)
                      -the har gow has a thinner skin at Gourmet dim sum - (the har gow at Good Luck has become thick and chewy).

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                      1. re: Cynsa

                        I agree, Gourmet Dim Sum has pretty good har gow. I'm not carzy about their cha siu bao though

                      2. Delicious Dim Sum on Jackson Street!!! Best shrimp dumplings for take-out.

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                          1. re: libyre

                            752 Jackson, across the street from Dick Lee, more or less. In my experience, Delicious Dim Sum is a misnomer, however.

                        1. You have two choices for carry-out dim sum at Yet Wah's in Diamond Heights in the Safeway shopping mall. Either order in the restaruant upstairs or from the small take-out shop next to the bakery. There are more choices at the main restaurant but faster at the smaller place.

                          1. I guess I should mention the two in my 'hood (Clement St.) Wing Lee Bakery and Alex Bakery. A somewhat related discussion on the Big Chicken Bun is here:

                            But there always seems to be a line at Wing Lee for the dim sum and at the take away food location next door.