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I had this amazing dish but I dont know the name of it??

Can some one please help me make this dish??
It was at an Italian Restaurant/dish... Very Very thin raw meet/ beef. About 3"inch square on a plate. About 5 or six of them, with a little salad and EVOO over it all. Any body know the name of this dish? I would like to try to make it... Thanks Brian

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        1. There's also:


          Bresaola is an Italian air-dried beef product that is sliced very thin and is usually served with olive oil blended with finely chopped parsley and a bit of lemon juice.

          That definition came from this Hormel site.

          1. If the meat was truly raw, i.e., soft and bright red, then carpaccio. If it was harder, something like the consistency of prosciutto, and also darker and semi-transparent, then bresaola. I don't recall seeing carpaccio served under greens. All the bresaola I've had, both here and in Italy, was topped with arugula, with olive oil, lemon juice, and some shaved reggiano.

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              In the U.S. it is very common to serve carpaccio with a microsalad on top.

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                Not only very common, but around here anyway, its the norm to serve capaccio with some sort of mini salad on top.

              1. Carpaccio, if you have a slicer at home its easy to make, simply tightly wrap and freeze tenderloin scraps then slice them and arrange on a plate. Dress with lemon and olive oil, shaved celery, shaved parm lots of black pepper, salt, and last but not least truffle oil, just a drizzle. I always like it with an arugula salad on top.

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                  Or just slice thinly and pound it out between plastic wrap, no freezing necessary.

                2. Carpaccio. (If it was possible to live off bresaola alone, I would) I like both with rocket (arugula), shaved parmesan, EVOO and balsamic. (Although I had a really nice dish once with carpaccio and mozzarella). You can always do a seared carpaccio which can be really nice, if you roll up your fillet etc so you have a cylinder type thing, roll it in lots of crushed black pepper some salt (careful it will 'cook' the meat) and I like to add crushed coriander seeds, leave it to 'marinade' then very hot quickly seal the flavours so the meat is still raw inside, then slice thinly. It gives you an element of the bresaola taste while still being carpaccio, just be careful, the sealed meat layer should only be about 2mm thick so the rest is raw.