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Dec 12, 2006 04:40 AM

Best SGV seafood palace for birthday dinner?

Mrs. O's b'day is Thursday, and she wants to be taken to a seriously good Hong Kong-style seafood joint, preferably one we haven't been to. I was pretty much settled on Triumphal Palace, but some recent posters have related woeful experiences there, and we don't need that kind of grief. What say the 'Hounds? Whose crab, lobster and fish would best meet our yearning for seafoodly succulence?

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  1. Mme Zoe and I have enjoyed the Sea Food Village on Garvey just east of Atlantic. Excellent seafood, good service. We also like NYC Seafood in the 99 market plaza at Atlantic and Garvey, a much underrated and under valued place IMO. Went to the posh job in the same plaza - can't remember the name but it just opened and besides indifferent food the decor is like a Burmese bordello or worse. Very uncomfortable surroundings and bad food to boot.

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    1. re: ZoeZ

      Was the "Burmese bordello" New Capital Seafood?

      1. re: silleehillee

        If it is New Capital Seafood, I would have to say that I have had very good experiences there, having gone to dimsum a few times and a couple of banquets. The food is solid and is an excellent value. The service is very good for a Chinese restaurant. Once, at the end of the dimsum hour, someone in our party wanted a certain item and they went back into the kitchen to make it for her. In my thirty plus years of eating dimsum, that has never happened!

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          The Very One and a great disappointment considering the quality of its sister branch out in Rowland Heights.

      2. newport seafood!! the BEST lobster I've ever had...the unique newport style sauce is addicting!!

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        1. re: olivexjina

          what's the address on this one, and how much. thanks.

          1. re: kevin

            Newport Seafood Restaurant
            835 West Las Tunas Dr.
            San Gabriel

            Another one in Rowland Heights.

            18441 Colima Rd
            Rowland Heights

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              can you go to any more details on how the lobster is prepared and what specifically to ask for?

              1. re: kevin

                It's called the Newport Special Lobster (or tom hum tan cang dac biet) on the menu.

                Pieces are chopped up, lightly battered, stir-fired in an amazing garlic reduction sauce of scallions, chili peppers, onions and (of course) garlic.

                When you order the lobster make sure to request that they keep the lobster eggs (sometimes they'll leave them out thinking you don't want them, and if you've never had lobster eggs, then trust me ... you'll want them).

                Market price for the lobster.

                Let me just add one thing with respect to the OP's original request. If you want a HK style seafood place then Newport is NOT the place to go ... it is Vietnamese by training.

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  oh, shit, this is the place i've been looking for then.

                  an acttually good version of what Crustacean is trying to do. thanks.

                  also, can one person polish of the lobsters (meaning are most in the 3 pound or less angle or are they more in the bigger pundage range). thanks. again.

                  and yes on the lobster eggs, is that similar to crab tomalley?

                  1. re: kevin

                    Yeah, it's bit like crab roe/tomalley, but different. Try it out.

                    Don't worry about not finishing the lobster. Just take it home - heats right up (and the sauce almost tastes better the next day, as if it has "aged" a bit ...) Goes great with noodles.

                  2. re: ipsedixit

                    Yes, we know Newport - we've been several times. Adore the food, but it's not a celebrating-a-birthday kind of place, too cramped and noisy and everyone yelling at once, and that attitude that Westerners tend to mistake for rudeness. We've learned not to take it personally, but the parents would hate it.

            2. re: olivexjina

              I've been to the one on Las Tunas. It's a great place to eat but a terrible place to dine. The food is superb. The atmosphere is non-existent. Parking is crazy, and it's crowded to the gills. In other words, it's an excellent Chinese restaurant. :-)

            3. New Concept and their king crab three ways.

              *happy sigh*

              1. SEA HARBOUR in Rosemead

                Fish maw soup
                Live steamed fish
                Poached giant prawns in garlic oyster sauce
                Geoduck sashimi with tofu skin wrappers
                Abalone done however you want ...

                1. Had a very good b-day experience at NBC Seafood earlier this year: .

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                  1. re: David Kahn

                    That sounds pretty good, David. Did you make reservations?

                    1. re: Will Owen

                      Yes, and even on a weekend during prime dim sum insanity, they were wonderfully accommodating and helpful.