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Dec 12, 2006 04:34 AM

Colors Restaurant-- has no one at all been there?

Searched this Board for Colors Restaurant and couldn't find any opinions once it had opened. Did I search wrong? Also googled it, and found many hopes for its success, but no reviews. Is everyone shy about it because of the history?
But the big question is, what is it like? Does the food zing? Is it a great night out? Do you wanna go back?

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    1. re: squid kun

      sorry to say I've never been. I really don't eat out all that much, preferring to entertain at home with my own cooking. Unless I have out of town guests who want to check out some places -- and no one's requested that one.

      I really need to give it at least one visit, don't I?

    2. I went. I mostly felt sorry for the place. They were trying very hard, but it was clearly not going altogether well. Not many people in there. Service was definitely friendly, but also rather clueless.

      Nothing I had was terrible. A lot of it sounded good but then was pretty mediocre. The place obviously has a history, and therefore has a lot of heart, so I feel like the reception it has gotten pretty well establishes that despite that people are pulling for it, it isn't (at least, yet) really making it.

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        I went there twice. They had a Peruvian dish I thought that was pretty good. Seems like service had slowed down since I went earlier. The food was good and different from the typical, lamb, beef, chicken and salmon restaurants. They do have a good mix in their offerings there. Service was very friendly both times I went.

      2. I was there in April and really enjoyed it. Food was good, and some of the dishes have a nice twist, portions are large, Room has a really nice feel to it and I'd definitely go back.

        FWIW, I wrote a review on the restaurant page at

        1. I've been twice, both a while ago (a year ago and probably a few months more than that), and I agree with the general sentiment here. It's pretty good, but the food doesn't always live up to the expectations the menu sets up. If you're curious, it's probably not a waste of money to check it out, but I wouldn't expect it to be exceptional either. I did like the bento box dinner if that's still on the menu, I rememeber someone I was with saying the pork they ordered was really dry. I think desserts were good (the doughnuts and the sorbet especially)!

          1. I went a couple months ago. The service was not so good, we got a free dish because they apparently forgot about it. The food was ok, not great. I read some negative things (after a lot of searching) but had higher hopes. The night out was for an occassion and we thought we'd try something different, not so over the top but the night definitely lacked our usual celebration. Kinda deflated for me.. I don't plan on going back.