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Dec 12, 2006 04:20 AM

Christmas Eve Dinner

I'm looking for a place to have Christmas Eve dinner. I've been searching online for a bit and I've been thinking about Fifth Floor, but their menu seems a little expensive, and not that I'm on a budget but they're clearly overcharging for their wine (I work in the service industry, I don't want spend 500 bucks on a Beaucastel...), so are there any suggestions for Christmas Eve?

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  1. I had christmas eve last year at zarzuela on hyde. it was fun and totally not crowded, so if you are looking for a place for a group, it would probably work great. good food and good prices and interesting wine list. friendly staff. that part of hyde was also cute and festive with lots of christmas lights in the trees along the street.

    1. Incanto on Church Street in Noe Valley is doing their annual "Feast of the 7 fishes" dinner, cost is $75/per the link follows:

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        Incanto's "Feast of the 7 Fishes" is actually $65/head. I went last year and thought it enjoyable and good value.

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          It was $75 in 2006 and up to $95 in 2008. I wonder if the menu's simpler.

      2. Town Hall has done a nice Christmas eve dinner in the past couple of years.

        1. Rubicon is open for Christmas Eve dinner. Amazing wine list, and the menu will be a slightly shorter version of the regular dinner menu with a couple of special dishes thrown in (maybe goose).

          1. I happened to see that One Market is open on Christmas Eve.