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jones for jones soda

so I really like the green apple flavor of jones soda, but I'm having a hard time finding it. gelson's used to carry, but they stopped. anyone spot a source?

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  1. Cost Plus usually carries Jones soda and some locations of Bev Mo

      1. i bought the green apple on saturday at Surfas!

          1. BevMo has a lot of different sodas, including Jones, I think.

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                Last time I was at Galco, they had it in regular and diet. (Bought a bottle of diet to try a month or so ago, and have been afraid to open it; it's just sitting there in the fridge, staring at me, all acid green and defiant.)

                Galco: http://www.sodapopstop.com/

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                  "all acid green and defiant"...hee hee hee!

              2. Does anyone know if they still sell the Jones Holiday Pack, and if so where I can find that....

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                    Galco's still has the holiday pack.

                  2. Cost Plus World Market, BevMo & Famima!! carry Jones soda -- of course, if you want to stay true to "unique soda" roots (or find every dang variety of Jones soda available), head to Galco's ;)


                    1. Strangely enough, most of the 7-11s that I've been to lately carry Jones Soda.

                      Which totally freakin' owns in my book.