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Dec 12, 2006 02:44 AM

looking for good Chicago style pizza

anywhere on the westside or San Fernando Valley or Pasadena?

I've had a craving since Chicago Pizzaworks closed a few years ago and nothing has come close.

I enjoy Damiano's on Fairfax or Rafallo's on La Brea and Hwd Blvd., but still craving a real Chicago style pie.

Has anyone tried Taste Chicago in Burbank?

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  1. You might want to start out checking these past posts on the subject:

    As far as I'm concerned and I'll take flak for it....BJ's Pub is fine for me when it comes to Chicago style deep dish pizza.

    Taste of Chicago....not worth the effort unless you're on the way to the Bob Hope Airport and you need a quick bite.

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    1. re: monku

      thanks, I knew I couldn't be the only one with this craving, but couldn't help noticing that demand definitely seemed to overshadow supply. I'll keep watching the posts to see if anyone discovers something closer.

      1. re: monku

        Having been born and bread in the city of Chicago and spent 28 years relishing in the various styles of Pizza my hometown has to offer, I have never once crossed paths with ANYTHING resembling BJ's shit product. It is however, identical to Pizza Hut's Pan Pizza, so at least that got that going for them.

        "Chicago Style" my fat ass...

        1. re: jeffro

          I second that. BJ's is as about as close to Chicago style as Tokyo is to Memphis.

      2. Some time ago there was discussion about how Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock more closely resembles the Chicago thin-crust style (distinct from more famous Chicago deep-dish baked-in-pan style) than it does the classic New York style. Apparently you simply must have it with their house-made sausage, and they cut the round pie into square pieces. I know little of authentic Chicago pizza, but other posters claimed that these are hallmarks of that variety.

        1. A native Chicagoan myself, I think BJ's comes the closest to the pies you would get at Lou Malnatti's or similar places in Chicago. But honestly, sometimes it's better just to cough up the $70 and order them frozen from Chicago...

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          1. re: cpanagakis

            The Malnatti's frozen pizza's can be quite outstanding and close to the fresh one's on Wells. Ordered several and honestly, the pepperoni holds up much better than the sausage and cooks wonderfully, providing you follow the more complex recipe (defrosting, coating with oil, etc.)

          2. BJ's is NOT Chicago style pizza -- I'm embarassed any Chicagoan would even mention this in the same breath as Malnatti's! Casa Bianca is the closest to thin crust Chicago style. The italian sausage pizza is the best and the italian sausage is the real thing not the artificial version we tend to see on most pizzas out west. The family who run Casa Bianca originally relocated from Chicago in the 1950's. Zelo's pizza reminds me of a gourmet version of Ginos East - corn meal crust in a deep dish pan with gourmet toppings - the italian sausage or spinach pizzas are delicious. It is worth driving to Arcadia to try! Taste Chicago pizza is very average -- not what you are looking for. Taste is better for a hot dog or beef sandwich. Other than that there is not much "Chicago style" pizza in LA.

            1. Happened to be driving up Hollywood Way so I decided to give Taste Chicago ANOTHER try. This being the last try.

              2 Chicago Dogs. Stale buns...again. After that who could concetrate on the rest of the dog.

              1 "Slice" or piece of their deep dish pizza. What a joke. I've had better in an airport.

              Wasted a precious lunch and so many calories.

              I'll be looking elswhere.