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Dec 12, 2006 02:05 AM

Soma chocolates - what should I get?

I've decided to get Soma chocolates as a gift. Unfortunately I can't access their website. What are the recommended flavours? This will go to people with relatively conservative tastes. I've also seen how expensive these are ($2 per), they'd better be worth it.

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  1. They have an espresso crisp chocolate right now that is the best of their chocolates that I've tasted, it's excellent. The brown butter truffle is also very good. The gianduja (milk chocolate hazelnut) and mayan chocolate were good, but below my expectations. I've had better hazelnut chocolates for much less.

    1. my absolute favourite is the douglas fir truffle, however, im not sure how conservative tastes would like them. they have a dark chocolate and green tangerine bar, seville orange slices dipped in dark chocolate, but also they have tons of origin bars that are just plain (but fabulously delish) bars. try the site again,, maybe you'll have better luck this time. or call them personally and ask for suggestions. i personally believe that these chocolates are worth every single penny!

      1. their brown butter truffles ROCK.

          1. Well, I bought a selection of: espresso truffle, brown butter truffle, gooderham whiskey truffle (had to - it's in the Distillery district), salted caramel and australian ginger-lemon. I bought only two of the last ones -- they're for anyone who wants to be adventurous.